Sara Baartman lives and breathes in 2021| The era of “just for sex” girls.

What Saartjie was subjected to, centuries ago hasn’t stopped and by the looks of things, is far from even being considered wrong and inhumane in our society.

Just yesterday I was talking about seeing this woman I went to primary school with and how she hasn’t changed, even her walk is still the same. As I was busy explaining her soldiers-march-like walk, somebody volunteered information about her, to shame her I suppose. “She’s is every working man’s play thing when they are home for a visit and find themselves bored”, we were told. A long list of men, some of whom are blood relatives and friends were mentioned. They are very proud of having a woman’s body as a playground, so proud of this in fact that they brag about it to younger siblings and nephews. Why is this normal? Why is this acceptable?

Just two days ago in a taxi, coming home from town, two young girls seated behind me were casually talking about D appointments and how it’s far easier to negotiate protection and roughness if you’re a willing participant. My stomach couldn’t handle it. We have always thought that the high infection rate and prevalence among 15-24 year old girls and young women was because of sugar daddies and blessers. I suppose It is easier to put the responsibility solely on the girls and young women and let these men continue “being boys” huh!

I appeal to Social Scientists to explore a little before choosing research topics, just look around, observe patterns of behaviour and quietly listen to conversations without raising alarm , arguments or judgement when the key populations are having candid conversations. I bet my favourite pair of shoes that all these so-called “loose” girls in our communities, who proudly make D appointments and talk openly about these have been through a lot and this is a way of protecting themselves from being brutally attacked. If 90% of the women I interact regularly with have experienced sexual assault at least once in their lives, chances are a lot of men have committed sexual assault and worse, they see nothing wrong with it.

The nonchalant way that men discuss running a train on someone, packaging girls from night clubs and gigs, etc. is indicative of a bigger societal issue, which is the normalization of brutalizing women. How will we ever end GBV if men see nothing wrong with assaulting women? Where do we even start to address this?

So as I cried myself to sleep last night, my thoughts and prayers were for the present day Sarah Baartman and (in the words of uncle Keith Glass) for a permanent solution to be found. Surely God intended for us to be more than just tools for men’s sexual enjoyment and their punching bags.


GBV| The shame of being violated and fear of being stigmatized

Feeling ashamed for being violated, confession time!

Our satellite dish is broken – thanks to this weather, so naturally we are listening to Ukhozi fm with Ma.

OSgqemeza had me triggered this morning and the lady (from Isolezwe) who was harassed at the taxi rank, reporting and speaking about her ordeal gave me courage.

Yvette told me that I didn’t need to talk about my situation, when I expressed my inability to unveil the many incidences of sexual harassment that I have endured, which are no doubt not unique to me, seing as south Africa is the world’s capital of sexual harassment.

This gave me temporary comfort. I say temporary because my chosen path is talking about things.

When I share about something, I get to release the pain and anger. Thus closing the chapter forever.

I used to stay at St Francis College when I started working for the Diocese and that short walk from the cottages to the bishop’s house was treacherous. I would be praying not to bump into a certain person who terrorized me, touched me inappropriately and tried to kiss me every chance he got, AGAINST MY WILL.

I was too embarrassed to speak out and report him. What haunts me is the thought that he might still be working there, around school girls. I wonder if my silence hasn’t caused other people to suffer, which I could have prevented by exposing him.

One of my former colleagues at the Diocese had been harassed whilst on a site visit with her supervisor and she reported the matter, resulting in her supervisor being fired. The sentiment around the office was that she didn’t like & had gotten rid of her boss. Painting her as a bad, vindictive person.

It’s for this reason that I found it extremely daunting and depressing to report Zamo to the bishop, after he forced his tongue into my mouth. My office was in an isolated place, away from the rest of the secretariat. I opted to keep my doors locked from that day onwards and to stop greeting people with a smile, because it was clearly being misinterpreted as flirting and an invitation for sexual harassment.

The stigma and distrust directed towards victims who report these perpetrators, especially in the absence of witnesses is enough to keep women and girls silent. The embarrassment we feel when someone defiles and dehumanizes us is enough to keep us silent.

The lack of confidentiality when these matters are handled doesn’t help the situation either.

When I stayed at Station Place, in Pretoria a lot of exciting development was taking place around town. {Station Square was built, meaning that I didn’t have to walk 2km to do my grocery shopping.}

Another exciting thing happened, Osbro opened on the same street as our flat and it became my hang-out spot on Saturdays. I would go isle to isle, combing the whole store for cookware, silverware, gifts for birthdays and weddings, you name it.

Window shopping at Osbro became my favorite passtime until some guy fondled my breasts in full view of EVERYONE and nobody came to my rescue. They simply passed by and minded their own business, inspite of my shouting and screaming.

I got a feeling that the staff were more interested in whether or not I broke any of their stock in my rage.
I never went back to that store again after the incident.
It worries me that we live in a country where harassment is not frowned upon. It has been so normalized that people think you’re throwing a tantrum when you defend yourself against a pervert.

How else can we get men to grasp the depth and seriousness of this situation? How can we get you guys to be our allies?
How can we make this country safe for women and girls?



AmaBishop Episode 12 Review

This is my review of AmaBishop Episode 12

Hello online friends.

Hheyi! #AmaBishop 

The Bishop Makamu episode showed us who these people really are. We saw flames🔥

Makamu fed us a half-baked story that makes no sense. He said that he had apologized to his wife and the girl’s family but then he did nothing wrong. He was asking for keys from the girl. This man thinks we were born yesterday. Why would you apologize for asking for ‘keys’.

Makhado and Nimrod kept on pressing him about the inconsistencies in his story vs the recording. He failed to answer their questions.

Maponga and Phiri were very quick to jump to his defense. Suspiciously so. I just wonder what stories we’ll one day hear about them🤔

The things they’ve always spoken against on this show were now all of a sudden okay and in fact biblically supported. Calling people “Papa” is now a good thing, according to Maponga and Phiri.

The girl’s father was then interviewed by Nimrod and his story makes a whole lot of sense. It’s straightforward and asidingi ruler.

People will still believe the pastor over the victim, because we think that they hold the key to heaven.

I wish they could bring Solomon and Sihle back to replace Phiri and Maponga. I no longer trust their input. They lost all credibility last night, especially when Maponga apologized on behalf of all the pastors who have mistreated people blah blah blah…
How do you apologize on behalf of people who don’t recognize that they have done wrong? People who do not feel any remorse for the horrible things that they do!

Hhai miss me with the BS



AmaBishop episode 10 Review| Pastors who are abusive in their own families

AmaBishop episode 10 Review| Pastors who are abusive in their own families

Hello online friends. Thank you for lending me your ears once more.

Guys, what’s an armor bearer? I ask this because it seemed like everybody on AmaBishop episode 10 knew what an armor bearer was.

Anyway, I said I was done with this show but today as I was minding my own business I came across the repeat and took it as a sign that I must watch and share with you all. So here it is:

The focus was on pastors who abuse their own families or rather wives who have been abused by their pastor-husbands.

The Ohlsons

Mrs Lisinda Ohlson was the first guest. She was with her husband’s brother, who hadn’t been in contact with her and the brother for over 10 years until his nephew posted about the disastrous marriage of his parents on Facebook. She spoke of the viagra, condoms, sex tapes with 5 members of the congregation, threats and how Bishop Theo Noble to whom her husband was a body guard refused to help her.

Phiri’s only contribution was that he knows and has worked with Theo Noble🙄.

The second guest, Nthabi Montsho-Mngoma highlighted the fact that abusive pastors are not only to be found in charismatic churches, but that mainline churches are not exempt. She and her children were beaten up by the pastor husband and father.

The Methodist pastor she was married to also slept around with Wesley guild ladies and impregnated some of them. The oppression from the women in the church who wouldn’t allow her to speak out about her situation made things worse for her and the ‘abantu bazothini’ complex aided by our repressive cultural norms and practices.

They cut her off just as the story was getting interesting, she decided to fight back, in her words: “I beat the hell out of him that day”.

The 3rd guest, Meisi broke my heart into a million little pieces and then Nimrod had to constantly remind us of the right of reply that all the “accused” have. This, because the alleged perpetrator is Bishop Zondo, whom they treated with kid gloves and failed to extract answers from a few episodes back.

She is Zondo’s niece and she narrated her story in so much detail and so vividly. It happened when she was only 7 years old but she remembers it as if it has just taken place. I don’t even want to retell it.

The family on the other hand felt like she created a mess by talking about her abuse, not the alleged perpetrator. #AmaBishop


Is Nonku Williams the queen of #REALHOUSEWIVESOFDURBAN?

All hail, Nonku Williams!

My dearest online friends, I am having severe withdrawal symptoms. Let’s unpack Season 1 of the Real Housewives of Durban further, this time focusing on the viewers’ queen!

From the 2-part reunion, it would appear so. I still want to know who did the casting for this show. Yesterday’s episodes confirmed that the plan was to attack Ayanda Ncwane all along. From the time Nonku mentioned “the elephant in the room”, I knew that this show was trying to use Ayanda’s loss and pain for ratings.
This was in very bad taste. Poor judgment on the casting of Sfiso’s widow and baby mama. Pitting black people (women, mothers, Christians…) against each other was a wicked plot to begin with.

Kahlekahle, because Ayanda didn’t react the way they had anticipated in the first two episodes, they had to bring in the self-proclaimed Queen, Nonku’s mom to the reunion to try once more to get Ayanda to act out of character. I thought I would wake up feeling differently about this today but nope. Thank God Phupho was there.

Speaking of Phupho, did you catch the age-difference shade by Nonku when Ayanda said that she knew that Phupho was gay from when he was aged 2? Nonku was a very good pretender, until her true colors finally showed.

I think moghel wishes Sifiso had married her instead of Ayanda.  Sifiso adored Ayanda and made it a point that the whole world knew. And was it necessary to tell us that she was a virgin at age 21? What does Ayanda have to do with Nonku’s virginity?

Did anybody else cringe when they played the video call in the bathtub scene with Mr Atlanta? Nonku tries too hard. She wants the fame at all costs. If that’s what it takes to be crowned the queen of #RHODurban, Nonku is definitely it.

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The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episodes 13 & 14| The long awaited two-part reunion

Dear online family,

Herewith, the review of Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episodes 13: Meh & Episode 14: Leave Ayanda alone. My two cents worth as usual!

I am more than disappointed at the Williams family. I am shocked and utterly disgusted. “Reality tv shows are perfect for people who have nothing to lose” – Wendy Williams.

Sfiso Ncwane was Nonku’s ticket to the show and it seems, she will continue to ride that wave every season. Episode 1 and Episode 14 are eerily similar! Ayanda has been the target from day 1. How much more is Nonku going to throw at Ayanda before she reaches breaking point? I hate it when people mistake kindness for stupidity.
I literally can’t stop crying. If there is 1 thing that Nonku Williams understands, it’s reality television. She done set the scene for #RHODurban season 2. At what expense though? Poor Ayanda. I feel for her.

Ayanda must stop playing nice and put her foot down. Demede!

On a lighter note, I don’t know why Sorisha wants to be Mnge😂, you don’t get to insert yourself into people’s friendships like that. Sorisori must rest.

KG really missed the reunion. I feel like of all the cast members, she had the most to answer for. I am kinda disappointed that she is not leaving the show.

Did Phat Joe really shade Mabusi dress though? Wow! Mabusi dominated the season but it seems production is in Nonku’s corner, just judging by the airtime she got. #LionsShare

So Nonku denied being friends with Mabusi once again. 4th time now. Not even Jesus was denied these many times.

Annie didn’t invite the ladies to her wedding and I think everyone is okay with it. I take it it won’t be part of Season 2, which begs the all-important question of why she should return for season 2. She brought nothing to season 1, except for the Yama and candles saga. Who even cares?

The set was Zulu culture themed. How tribalistic! Speaking of which, why do ‘born again’ people only want to involve themselves in our culture when it involves receiving money?
The whole Baby mama drama with Nonku and her family is a misuse of culture to frame the wicked, heartless, cruelty that they’re subjecting Ayanda to.
Let’s remember that Nonku is the one who wanted Nothile’s surname changed, now sekungathi ledombolo lingathwalwa uAyanda


In anticipation of the Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 13| The Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Durban Reunion loading….

Showmax disappointed us on Friday. The reunion had not been uploaded, they probably hadn’t even shot it by then.
Episode 12 was so tiring and annoying to watch, so I was really looking forward to the reunion drama.

As we wait patiently for the #RHODurban reunion, there’s a rumor that KG missed the taping of the reunion and might not be returning for season 2. Annie can also go yazi, Sorisha (the Chrystal of Dbn) too. There I’ve said it!

Mabusi must be given full Housewife status though! Does she have to be married, in order to be cast as a housewife? I bet not, because Annie is not married.
So my Friday is off to a boring start until the tweeps made it interesting with #RHODurban trending.

In anticipation of the Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 13 The reunion Part 1, Here are some of the questions I would like answered:

Nonku Williams

1. To Nonku: Now that the elephant in the room has been addressed and wine launched 3 times, what can we look forward to from you on season 2?

2. To Ayanda, Nonku and LaConco: When are you going to apologize for laughing at Mabusi’s yoni steaming business. Now that you have had the opportunity to watch the scene and see how badly you behaved & how mean you were towards Mabusi?

3. To Annie and Kgomotso: Do you watch the Real Housewives of Potomac and if you do, who are your favorite cast mates there?

4. To Sorisha: having watched back the whole season, did you pick up a pattern of behavior by some cast mates towards you vs towards the other cast members? How do you feel about being idolized?

5. To Mabusi: Will you return for season 2 if you are not given Housewive status? If yes, will you be consistent in putting your foot down whenever someone tries to disrespect you?

Let’s have some fun, add your questions below!!!

Did the ladies show us enough of their personal lives this season?

Do you think Ayanda Ncwane is tribalistic?

Do you think Annie gave us enough content this season?

Do you think KG will make it for Part 2 of the Reunion?

Do you think Phat Joe is the right host for the reunion? If not, who would you have picked? Moshe Ndiki or Som Som?


AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 8 Reaction

AmaBishop Episode 8: Phiri’s absence & Fresh faces are a refreshing change to the panel

AmaBishop Episode 8: Fresh faces & familiar ones return. Phiri sat this one out .applause *
Maponga as usual, asked the philosophical questions that have gone unasked for far too long.

After Maponga left, the conversation was a bit more Faith-centered. The Zion Bishop uBab’Shabalala explained sacramentals perfectly. He impressed me today and I liked that he was given a decent amount of airtime.
We had two female pastors on the panel. I hope they will return and be given the space to express themselves.
‘Foreign’ pastors were there to justify and explain why they were sent to the southernmost part of Africa. I wish all these racist Irish pastors would also be summoned to answer why they still feel the need to be missionaries in Africa, because let’s be honest, the African church is fully formed and doesn’t need further colonial input. Too personal?

Oh well. There goes my two cents worth y’all. #AmaBishop


Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review: Mabusi and flowers don’t mix!

  • https://youtu.be/0hI5sZNw0rU
    Last episode before the reunion.
    The most eventful episode of #RHODurban to date!

    It picks up from the L shaped table dinner and the host is having a massage (& Annie) whilst her guests are sitting around, feeling cold, waiting for food.
    (I feel like Nonku has played all her cards and left the audience feeling like that’s it, she can exit the show. She brought the ‘elephant’, professed her undying love for Sfiso, reunited Nothile with her brothers, visited Sifiso’s grave, launched her wine multiple times, introduced us to Mabusi, her sister, mother, father and Brenda. Cried about her abusive ex husband.) Did I miss anything?

    Anyway, Ayanda bluntly pointed out the obvious, i.e. that Nonku is a lousy host, a bone which KG carried energetically but yielded zero drama. KG thinks that Ayanda & LaConco were fighting with her. I saw none of that. She let them know that akabasabi😂

    Did Mabusi’s flowers not end up on the floor by Nonku’s door! 😂

    KG & Sorisha had a catching up session, and yes Sorisha is a mean girl too. It pains me to say this.
    Phupho brought Ayanda some more fashions & they had their own catching up session with LaConco.

    There were too many activities and these could have been used as team building but nope, they were just for fun🙄. Hiking, zip lining in the scorching South African sun… No thanks.

    They had dinner with Siba at her restaurant. Nonku called LaConco iqaba, but I don’t think LaConco will be insulted by that. Nonku went around the table kissing everybody’s bottoms. So unnecessary and fake.

    There was a 3rd launch of Ashes to Beauty🙄 LaConco pulled a KG with her eye rolls, yawns and just a demeanor of disinterest. I was so annoyed. Flowersgate lifted the energy in the dungeon. It seems Annie and Nonku are really becoming close. See what a little ass kissing can do for you!

    The bikers were a big hit with the ladies, especially Ayanda, she jokes around too much about being thirsty that one. Upon arrival at the harbor on those majestic motorbikes, they bordered the boat and had fun eating, drinking and dancing. This concludes Season 1.

AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 6 Reaction: It runs in the family.

AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 6: It runs in the family.
Tresford Bushiri (Durban) and Kemar Mkhize (Pietermaritzburg) were the alleged perpetrators on this episode.

The young girl who got raped at 17 years of age detailed how the ‘man of God’ went about luring her in through facebook (promising to help her with her business), raping her and paying her 4800 rands as a so called blessing. The lingo they use in that church! One would need an ECG dictionary to attend, it seems. Not that I would ever want to attend.

My question though is, who is teaching first time church goers the protocol to observe when you are interacting with the prophet (or whatever title they use)? I wish someone had asked her and Farai this question.

I also wondered why (in school) we were only taught ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ but not ‘freeze’, because it does happen. In fact it happens more often than people think. And by offering a payment and insisting on it, the perpetrator is already preying on your mind and building a defense strategy. “It was consensual, I even paid her for it!” is what they would say. These Bushiris have perfected their craft or is it witchcraft🤷🏾

Farai, was a young man who used to work for this Bushiri fellow. He was given US$10k for his troubles. Word on the street is that he got 2 million rands according to Maponga. His fiancé was also one of the victims he said & then changed and said that she made her choice🤷🏾. I honestly didn’t know what to think.

This show needs to bring in lawyers and cops who deal with such cases, to explain to the audience and advise what victims should do in such circumstances. Perhaps instead of having useless Phiri and radical Maponga as panelists, they could bring in useful guests like the social worker and Sihle Sibisi as they did today.

Sihle brought a woman from Pmb, whose mother and two nieces were butchered by a pastor, who was advised by isangoma allegedly to do it in order to get promoted in his church. He is in custody, awaiting trial because his bail was denied.

If you have to kill for it, it’s not for God. Whether it’s a promotion, an election, etc.

This was heartbreaking and gut wrenching. It got me questioning what the point of this show is. Could it be to shock us with these horrific stories, just for ratings? Why are they retraumatizing victims? What will they gain by it?

Nimrod and Maponga grilled Farai so much about the alleged 2 million rands and left me wondering where this energy and vigor was when they visited Zondo.

Nimrod and Phiri went on to address the right of reply and Phiri’s inability to ask hard questions because these pastors are his peers in the profession. I call BS on all of that! They didn’t even try to get answers out of Zondo. If Phiri is production, let him deal with booking guests for the show and not sit on the panel, it’s not like he contributes much on the panel anyway.


Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 11 Recap and Review| Capetown, shades and Earrings

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 11: Fresh episode, same old BS.

I was happy that 1: they are in my favorite place on earth, Capetown.

2: the episode started with Capetown, no picking up from the previous episode🙌

Someone should take Nonku under her wing and teach her about hosting. I am serious. But that person can’t be Kgomotso.

Zisuka nje, she decided that she was going to be the one handing out room keys to the ladies. I have watched the episode twice but still don’t get why🤷🏾.

KG tries to create drama with the sun tanning thing but it falls flat.

They sat by the pool and they’re calling it a ‘pool party’, I don’t know why. They wore their swim wear (LaConco covered herself with towels and it looked awkward nje but asikho lapho) but there was no swimming, nor was there a party. Unless poking fun at Mabusi is considered a party.

I was ready to snatch some wigs on Mabusi’s behalf. Why would you fly someone all the way to Kaapstad, only to make them a butt of the joke? And KG might hide behind her ‘poor command of isiZulu’ but saying “into emnandi iyaphindwa” was uncalled for. The fact that they laughed about it made me mad. Mind you, Ayanda and Sorisha have never apologized for laughing at Mabusi in the Midlands. Yes, I am keeping scores. #meangirlsvibes

Mabusi let them know that she doesn’t appreciate the mockery and left, only Ayanda had the presence of mind to go talk to her.

Mabusi gave game night a miss, for obvious reasons. The ladies looked so bored. Sorisha joined the group and the mood lifted instantly. Is she one of the Executive Producers? KG was thrilled to be twinning with her🙄 Nonku called it a ‘Buy 1 get 1 free special’. 😂

The game they played would have worked better if they’d been drinking. Production dropped the ball on this one.

Nonku’s poor communication resulted in some of the ladies going to the farm to pick grapes in dresses and feeling uncomfortable. There’s a nonchalant air about her that I find really annoying.

Ayanda was the first to enthusiastically jump onto the back of the bakkie, whilst others were still contemplating making a run for it. She picked the most grapes too. I love her work ethic and commitment to charity. Yes, I am a fan!

KG saw an opportunity to shine and took it. Annie tagged along to share the spotlight. Ladies, you’re already on the show, we see you!

The whole point of going to the farm was to help the grape pickers. Some people (it seems) just don’t understand that every grape picked means money in the pockets of those ladies. So horsing around defeated the purpose in my view.

Nonku matched the physical work with R3000, which was very generous of her.

Back at the hotel, the L shaped dinner table! A lot of issues came up all at once. The ‘UnAfrican’ comment was finally put to rest and some group members felt that LaConco was supposed to take responsibility for what Nonku said. On which planet kodwa? I still don’t know why they feel they should be included on issues of amatshitshi 🤷🏾The same Kgomotso who claimed her isiZulu was not good, suddenly felt that had she been invited, she would have been able to converse with amatshitshi in isiZulu… 🤦

The subject quickly turned to Ayanda, not attending Sorisha’s silly event (knowing full well that she’d just lost her mom). Then they turned it into “you never replied when we texted our condolences”, Annie was smirking, clearly amuzed. I got so mad at the callousness of the whole thing. This mean girl behavior really irked me.I know they want ratings, but this was unnecessary and visibly painful for Ayanda.
When she left the table, they didn’t even bother to follow her, just to see if she’s okay. Not Mnge, not the hostess, not even Saint Sorisha 😒

Nonku in her usual blasé manner, offered Mabusi the cheapest looking bouquet of flowers and chocolates for an apology about jokingly saying she couldn’t find Mabusi’s room key card at the ‘pool party’. Mabusi accepted the apology and gave us the most satisfying BUT in television history.

Nonku was read for filth, top to bottom. If you watch #RHOA you will remember Kandi and Nene’s “I. See. You.” There was a split screen and all!

The show producers had better give Mabusi ischolo newisa lakhe come Season 2. She has been put through the fire and emerged stronger and purer! I stan, a queen. And her confessional make-up on this episode was 👌🔥
Ayanda, Nonku and Mabusi are carrying this show in my humble opinion.

Did you see the aerial shots?!!! Capetown is beautiful. Oh I just love Capetown. #RealHousewivesOfDurban #RHODurban #capetown #capetownmag


Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 10| even more events!

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 10 was full of fashion, drama and events of course.

The episode picks up from Sorisha’s dream catcher event and yes, there’s another challenge, much to Nonku and Laconco’s annoyance.

Nonku is tipsy and I’m loving it! Every episode lately makes reference to her drinking and being drunk, I don’t like it. Why should they come for her like that?

Kgomotso won. Who else was gonna win a crafts challenge? It took me back to primary school. I hated craft work.

Nonku’s announcement about the Capetown trip was overshadowed by her being tipsy. She sang ‘sesikuqedile’, that’s bantu education for you! 😂

We got introduced to Brenda Mbutho, a singer who is friends with the inland crew (Nonku, Thobe, Mabusi…). They spoke about her single launch and their mutual friend, Thobe. Thobe got invited to the launch, without Nonku’s knowledge evidently.

Ayanda Ncwane celebrated her award and 10 years in the music business. I feel like we don’t celebrate ourselves enough as women. I salute her for doing it.

The small talk between Sorisha and LaConco at Ayanda’s party killed me! #umoyawamuyavuma is such a defining moment in Ayanda’s career post-Sfiso. I admire her strength and resilience. Ayanda’s fashion sense is rubbing off on LaConco, she was sweeping the floors with that garb! Beautiful though.

LaConco hosted a lunch with amatshitshi and I love the work she’s doing with them, I wish she could mentor all these aunties responsible for amatshitshi across the Zulu kingdom. The non-Zulus were not invited.

Nonku’s mom and sister joined her for a spa day and they unpacked the girls trip drama. Sorisha took her dogs for their weekly pampering and she was shown dog ice-cream, and I suspect it’s gonna be in upcoming episodes, Lord help us. #RichPeopleThings

The single launch finally comes, ladies in beautiful black dresses. Sorisha brings Thobe, and Nonku was shocked but it seems Brenda knewabout it. Production is really trying Nonku!

Ayanda, being the last one to arrive, rocks up in white with Phupho by her side.

LaConco had to explain why she didn’t invite the non-Zulus to her lunch, because Nonku went blabbering about it to them. She was saved by the rain, literally!

The young poet wowed the ladies, Brenda equally moved them with her vocal abilities and the Zulus were on their feet dancing. The shade from the non-Zulus was funny.

My anxiety levels were through the roof as the fire dancer did his thing in front of the drooling crowd, one mistake and all those wigs would have burnt the place down. This event was jam packed and very extra, for a single launch. The shoe game was on point though at this party and in this episode in general.

Mabusi felt like her invitation was an after thought & confronted Nonku about it, since they’re friends in real life, Mabusi was perplexed by the shadiness. I would be confused also.

The ladies are not feeling the Capetown trip at all. I would jump at a chance to vacation in Kaapstad free of charge. KG wants the itinerary 🙄, wow ladies!

I love it when they show areal shots of Durban. It’s a beautiful, colorful city!

Thank you for allowing me to tell you about this episode, I don’t take your readership, followership, subscriptions, viewership for granted. I truly appreciate it.

Have a blessed Good Friday, restful Holy Saturday and spirit-filled Easter.



Mnakwethu Happily Ever After Season 2 Episode 13| Recap and Review

MnakwethuHEA episode 13: “the storm is over!”

Qondanisa’s wives meet with him at the hostel and things get mended between Qondanisa and Samantha. But question remains, is Samantha going to move out of the house she shares with Diaz?

Magaye’s sister (judging from how she speaks) chatted with the second wife (And she wore her favorite denim jacket!) about telling Magaye the truth in anticipation of his visit.

In Pmb, Ngiga finally arrives with the ‘uncles’ to pay damages at the Khanyiles.

The cows were on a war path, and indured people. The Khanyiles accepted the damages and reported to the ancestors, a step which is crucial but often overlooked as we are now too focused on money. The family asked what his intentions are for their daughter. A lot of people have criticized families for asking this question but I think they have a right to know if you have decided to not marry their child.

The SCA (Side Chick Association) has a girls trip, when are the first wives going to get outings? And we find out that Sphiwe ‘s table for three didn’t work in his favor🙁. I suspect Zandi’s hiding her true feelings.

Dulas’s baby mama was there and not her usual cocky self. What happened with the makeup team? We are owed an explanation for the sloppy make-up on Dulas’ wives to be.

Makhayile was also there and had to explain who she is, and where she was when Ngiga was shooting a show with another girl.

MaMhlongo proudly tells the group about beating MaDlamini and the show decides not to cut this part out. Kanti why is violence being glorified and celebrated? The SCA laughs about it. Who raised these people? Wolves?

Magaye finally hears the big secret and he is not amuzed. Even when he is devastated, Magaye comes through with some superb soundbites: “Ufihla yonkinto!”, “The storm is over! “. You gotta love his animated character. The snippets from previous episodes was just on another level of being shady.

With all this drama and devastation, I wonder if some of the men regret wanting a second wife. I also wonder about oMamkhulu, do they really want to be in these marriages still and will their relationships with their husbands ever be as happy as they were before the introduction of the second wives.

Polygamy is not looking like an exciting type of relationship to me. I salute those who choose it, and thrive in it. I would be miserable.

Okay folks, that’s my two cents worth. I wish you a spirit-filled tridium and Easter. Enjoy yourselves and please keep safe.



AmaBishop Episode 4 and 5 Reviews/Reaction

AmaBishop Episode 4 and 5 played back to back and quite honestly left viewers feeling cheated.

Tonight, we had back to back episodes, we found the first one by chance actually.

AmaBishop Episode 4: “Should women be allowed to lead at church?”

If someone were to tell us that God is white and heaven is for white people only, we would be up in arms yet men can tell us that because we get periods, we cannot be preachers at church. We are relegated to wakes (imilindelo) and Thursday prayers. Do periods stop when there’s a death? “Masifele amaKorinte na”?

Not all church leaders are good leaders across the gender divide. The Catholic church in Southern Africa had a black woman for a Secretary General for more terms than any other person before. Mugabe tendencies aside, just because you’re a woman or a black person it doesn’t automatically make you a good or bad leader.

There are people who think that the Catholic church should ordain women into priesthood but asikho lapho.

Some church leaders seem not to notice that 95% of their congregation is women and you can find that the 95% are as male chauvinistic as their pastors and believe that it’s God’s way. It was an unnecessary discussion in my view. I would have rather spent the time discussing the type of leadership that our churches ought to cultivate and celebrate.

We are too focused on the money making aspect of things that we are even willing to bend, if not totally break the rules to do it. Creative accounting (umlabalaba), money laundering, stealing from the poor, nepotism, tempering with immigration laws, etc. are some of the things that are going on in churches. Even the so called mainline churches are not exempt.

The quality of the content and depth of the discussion wasn’t to my liking. This show should stick to exposing the filth that exists in our churches and steer clear of topics that get us nowhere, we will watch *umphakathi* and *chatroom* for the mundane content.

AmaBishop Episode 5: Zondo’s mega church ultimate flex.

I was more than disappointed, but disgusted by how weak these people are. Zo do was handled with the softest kid gloves they could find.

Solomon brought it as usual but he was by himself, the others had crossed the floor. It’s as if they went there to beg for Zondo’s autograph.

Maponga asking for office space was the pit of the episode for me. #AmaBishop should be renamed #Amagwala.

Solomon was on his own. Church leaders ought to have back bones. The way traditional leaders are taught to be honest and tell the truth even when it is inconvenient to do so, is exactly what church leaders should be taught.

Phiri and Maponga were not direct in their questions and even when Zondo failed to answer, nobody bothered to push for an answer. Our time was wasted here. Besides Zondo’s crying and denial of the accusations leveled against him, what else did he say?

Why does he want to label the CRL commission as ‘out to get him’ , when the process is not even completed. Why preempt that the report from the commission will portray him in a negative light?

When they brought in that fellow from Klerksdorp, Solomon said ‘same whatsapp group’😂😂😂

Questioning Solomon’s credentials was so unnecessary. The fact that it made it to the final edit was very telling. The editing of this show has been problematic from the beginning but today’s production was dodgy, to say the least. MojaLove can do better.

That’s my two cents worth folks.

Have a wonderful week ahead. It’s Holy week. Enjoy your spiritual abd religious journeys and may you get out of it what you desire.



Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review: RIP Ayanda’s mom

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 9: RIP Ayanda’s mom.

Nonku represented the curvy Zulus at Sorisha’s Yoga morning, which got interrupted by KG with her sneakers. She has serious attention seeking tendencies that one.

Ayanda killed me when she dissed the sneakers, ‘dollsay’ what now Ayanda?

Real talk though, 3 episodes on this girls trip is a bit much.

{Side note while I wait for the buffering: Nonku and Ayanda have interesting lives, LaConco hasn’t shared much of her personal life on the show and the rest are just dry}.

Mabusi got sneakers also, Alleluia. They came with a half-baked apology of ‘if I said those exact words then I’m sorry’. Listen, they played back the clip when KG said it. Shady editing 😂. KG expects us to believe that she doesn’t recall calling Mabusi a wig-snatcher!

Grown women in go carts😒, really though? Mabusi sat this one out and I don’t blame her.

Candlesgate was the highlight of this episode for me, because of the ‘thula!’. I had hoped for “wenja!” but hey I’m counting the ‘thula’ as a victory for the Zulus. This Annie-KG tag team really irks me. They messed with the wrong one this time.

Lerato (Ayanda’s sister) called about Ayanda’s mom being hospitalized, unfortunately she didn’t make it. May her soul rest in peace. I salute her for how she raised her kids to be one harmonious unit.

Annie’s house hunting was exciting. I love beautiful homes. When I make it big, I am buying myself a nice little mansion by the sea. Mark my words, I am manifesting here.

We finally almost see LaConco’s home. She is working out on the balcony when Annie calls. They meet up, LaConco apologizes for using the word “purposefully” and she throws in “Culture shock”😁. It was a mess. Neither of them meant those apologies in my humble opinion.

Non-Zulus 3 way call, KG’s Saint and summer photo shoot, dance fitness… Blah blah snooze

Who did KG’s make-up for her dinner with Sorisha, she looked witchy😱. She is pleased to be asked to plan Sorisha’s next event. Sorisha’s Dreamcatcher event was beautiful and drama free. Ayanda did not attend because she was bereaved. I missed her energy. What’s with the flower bush hair Annie😃? LaConco looked so pretty and her bunny chow did too. All hail LaConco, the bunny chow queen! 🍽️

#RHODurbanS1E9 #RHODurban #RealHousewivesOfDbn


AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 3| Same story different cast

AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 3| Same story different cast.

The alleged perpetrator (I mean prophet) of the week is Paul Heaven.
Mboro was the unfortunate one, who got exposed live but at least he had a chance to redeem himself, which he failed to do 🤷🏾

I am not going to be laughing at all the people who have fallen victim to these prophets because if you belong to a church, any church at all… It could be your pastor next week.

All these “prophetic” churches with their mission houses, full of girls, guns and morning after pills supplied in bulk… At what point do we start to question the whole set up?

I once had a discussion with a Zambian Dr about this. I should tell you about it one day. His take on it was that SAns are lazy, gullable and greedy. Hardest pill to swallow!
Have a good week ahead.


Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 11 Happily Ever After?| 3 is not a crowd

Mnakwethu Happily Ever After #mnakwethuHEA Episode 11 Review| 3 is not a crowd with this bunch.

Samantha reporting Qondanisa to MaMchunu

Please excuse the photo quality, I actually watched the episode on 1Magic. Samantha was crying to MaMchunu about Qondanisa ignoring her calls and basically deserting her and the fact that she is now staying with Diaz. Mamchunu asked if Qondanisa had looked for alternative accommodation for her, to which the answer was ‘No’. She promised to talk to Nhlanhla aka Qondanisa about the situation.

[mah gah yeah] Magaye took his ‘wives’ out and actually did all the talking on their behalf. He is such a character. The actual wife looked so uncomfortable. Now that the meeting has happened, Magaye is now able to bring the second wife to Mamkhulu’s party.

The second wife didn’t actually apologize, Magaye did all the talking on her behalf. Wow! Talk about bulldozing your way in.

Qondanisa, Dulas and Ngiga are discussing about a song they have collaborated on and the music video thereof. Whatever 🙄.

I am skipping Dulas’ scenes as usual.

MamChunu had to flex for both Samantha and the audience!

Mamchunu visits Qondanisa and confronts him about how he’s been treating Samantha. Qondanisa is not buying the “sudden concern” for Samantha story. Mamchunu wants a sit down where all three of them will try and work this situation out. Okay, Mamkhulu duties I suppose.

The table for three finally happens, but there’s no table because it’s a picnic. Both ladies get flowers. Lerato Radebe apologizes for her harsh words to Siphiwe but is adamant that she’s done with him. Zandi’s still in love with Sphiwe. MaRadebe gives them her blessings to carry on with the relationship without her.

This episode felt so short. I had expected to see Ngiga in Pmb, paying damages at MaKhanyile’s but it wasn’t included in this episode.

It seems polygamy is more taxing on the first wife and the fact that she has to assume the role of advocate for the younger wife baffles me. These women are carrying such heavy loads. I personally would not be so gracious and self-sacrificing.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth folks.



Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 7 Review| Mabusi the wig-snatcher

Who died and made Kgomotso head girl of the mean girls?
Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 7: Kgomotso needs to stop antagonizing Mabusi.
Are you acclimated to the Durban accent yet? Please comment below!!!

The episode picks up from the “bash Mabusi” gathering at Annie’s salon/nightclub. Ayanda didn’t attend, no surprises there.
Mabusi came very late, was questioned about the invitation to KG’s launch and basically she was made fun of.
The group laughed at her expense and she got called a wig-snatcher by KG, who no doubt will try to push Mabusi’s buttons until she snatches her ill-fitted wig off.
It doesn’t end there….

LaConco visits Mabusi’s business space (for lack of a better word), she learns about the different Yoni products that Mabusi’s selling (some of which she mixes herself). They also talk about KG’s antics.

We meet Lerato, who is Ayanda’s sister. I love how Ayanda looks out for her family and involves them in her empire! She inspires me. They were at Agape, Ntokozo’s boutique. Now you know where the frilly frocks come from😂😂😂😂

The do over of Nonku’s launch starts off with a golf lesson. Apart from KG’s annoying attention seeking antics, it was great. Mabusi came wearing a jean and KG took that bone and ran with it🙄.
LaConco didn’t attend the golf and lunch because she was meeting with her team to plan her own launch. I like how ordinary her team looks. No pretentious bs, just people with a vision and a mandate to deliver.

The lunch afterwards at Nonku’s house was very nice. Nothile came to greet Ayanda and she was super excited to see her. I feel that Ayanda is being genuine with Nothile and it’s beautiful.
We are missing Annie this week because her child/children are not feeling well. You can’t even tell that there’s a person missing. So, exactly what value does she add to the cast?

LaConco’s launch is a get away trip to the midlands. There are two kombis (mini bus taxis) transporting the ladies. Sorisha and Kgomotso are sharing one and guess who KG is going on and on about: Mabusi of course. Ayanda, Nonku and Mabusi are sharing the second kombi and it’s lit! Each lady is sharing about herself and not gossiping about the others. Nonkanyiso looks her age as she shoots a welcome video for the ladies and her skin was glowing, her whole face was beaming. It was refreshing to see her like this.

These ladies clearly haven’t been on road trips in their lives, judging by the complaints of the journey being long. Really? Ayanda then goes on her bone carrying mission to Sorisha’s house, where Nonkanyiso interrupts as she came in to greet and welcome the ladies. Nonku was busy asking Mabusi to please behave during the trip, further making the audience question Mabusi’s character. All this villification is making me like Mabusi actually!

The dinner, hosted by LaConco turns into an episode of the hot seat. All barrels pointed at Nonkanyiso and moghel can certainly hold her own…

RHODurbanS1E7 #RHODurban #MabusiTheWigSnatcher


Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 10 Review: All about Qondanisa

Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 10 Review: All about Qondanisa

It was all about Qondanisa this week. It felt like the other scenes were just filling up the episode. Baphelezela isthembu saQondanisa.

MaMchunu showing off her makoti abilities

My dear Zulu people, we have to do better. Let’s raise our girls better. A girl that was ‘raised and taught well’ is not necessarily one that breaks her back trying to impress her in-laws with strenuous chores.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing easy or fun about fetching firewood and water. This is the type of indoctrination that has imprisoned our mothers, grandmothers and countless generations of women before them. What if it falls upon our generation to break the chains of bondage?

Mamchunu was clearly raised on this doctrine and I felt sad for her. All this kotizaring and your man still feels like you are not enough, you need a ‘helper’ as his mother pointed out!

Samantha reckons her ancestors don’t approve of Qondanisa

Meanwhile Samantha and Diaz are cooking up a plan for her to leave Qondanisa. The same Samantha who told MaMhlongo to get back together with Dulas. I am skipping the Dulas scene on purpose. #notworthit

This girl is young and beautiful, it doesn’t make sense to me why she has chosen such a lifestyle.

What part of Pmb is Ginga’s baby mama from kanti? It looked like kaMpumuza or something like that, ubani owaziyo, achaze?

I noticed that the mother was also wearing a sash accross her chest area, similar to that one of Qondanisa’s mom in Nquthu. Somebody please explain the reason to me. See in the South Coast, the daughters-in-law, regardless of how many years of marriage, have to wear these when there are family functions like funerals, imisebenzi, weddings, etc. I have always understood it to symbolize that you are spoken for, so that men in the family know not to try their luck with you.

Qondanisa visits his in-laws as usual umavakashekhweni🙄.

The elders demand a fine and this time it’s cash.

The seating arrangement at the Mchunu’s confused me. In the South Coast we have izilili, men sit on the right hand side and women on the left hand side. I was thrown when women and men were on the same side of the 6 cornered – rondavel. Was it for TV or is it done like that in Northern KZN vele? Please educate me.

Okay folks, that’s my 2 cents worth for now.



Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 6 Review


Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 6: Mabusi denied!

Mabusi denied. It’s a trend with this group of women to deny knowing people.

Anyway, thank you so much for indulging me as I tell you my take on this episode. Shalom🙏

I give my own titles!

Maphumulo, KZN

As usual it picks up from previous episode 🙄. Why can’t each episode be a stand alone?

Ayanda tells the girls about the poisoning of her brother and her late hubby, which explains her guardedness about accepting food willy nilly, which is actually understandable.

Kgomotso is her prissy self complaining about flies at a traditional ceremony. I take it she’s never attended such ceremonies before.

Did anybody else laugh at the comparison between Odwa Ndungane and Sifiso Ncwane, like girl…. We don’t consider your husband a celebrity!

LaConco complains about Ayanda’s phony friendship to her sister. I am disappointed that she didn’t address it with Ayanda directly. The expectation that Ayanda should have worn a real isidwaba and no weave was just bizarre to me. Not everybody was raised in a community or family that insists on guests to be fully kitted out as if they are trying to upstage usingaye.

Kgomotso complains to her husband about Mabusi being demanding at her launch.

Annie sends the ladies feathery invitations.

Ayanda & Sorisha meet to catch up on Nonku’s daughter meeting with Ayanda’s sons. I am in awe of Ayanda’s openness and how she has embraced Nothile. It was really touching. She also tells Sorisha about the impending surname change. As a Zulu person, I am asking myself if inhlawulo was paid for Nothile🤔

At Nonku’s house, the queen comes over for a visit. She and Nonku look so much alike! Nonku’s found some relief from distress, which even her mom acknowledges, after visiting Sifiso’s resting place. She probes Nothile about the reunion with her brothers and a possibility of another visit. Nothile wants to visit BUT, by herself.

I would have liked for Nonku’s questions to be open ended…but that’s just me.

When the subject of a surname change is brought up, Nothile welcomes it!

I like how musical she is. She is without a doubt her father’s daughter.

Apparently Ngcweti is also musical like Sifiso! He thinks he’s grown😂, talking about “the other two will get along better because they are younger”. Nothile looks very mature for her age. Ayanda is so excited about Nothile, it’s beautiful to watch!

When the ladies attend the event at Annie’s salon, nobody mentions the club and the music but the camera pans to the DJ a couple of times (confusing me) and I think of how Kgomotso was complaining about the mood not being set at Nonku’s launch.

Speaking of KG, what the hell was she wearing and who told her that she looks anything like Halle Berry? HHAIBO!

Mabusi dominates conversation & I am now curious to know more about this Mabusi person. Perhaps she could replace Kgomotso & Annie in Season 2 because #nostorylines #snoozefest. Just saying.

This is my 2 cents worth folks!




Mnakwethu Happily Ever After | Season 2 Episode 9

This episode was all about the second wives

Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 9: Second wives club.It felt like a continuation of episode 8 and not quite a stand alone episode.

I wonder how Qondanisa is when cameras stop rolling.

It picks up with Samantha and Qondanisa. In the previous episode, this guy showed signs of being a woman beater but asikho lapho. Basically, he hasn’t been there for Samantha. Even when she lost her mother, he just ignored her. When she asked if there’s another girlfriend, we get a ‘I am a man’ speech, code for “heck yeah, I have other women in my life”. In my head, I was screaming at Samantha for allowing this guy to treat her like she doesn’t matter. Cut your losses girl and move on.

Sphiwe goes to MaRadebe with Zandi and offers some money towards inhlawulo, but it wasn’t enough🙄. Why do broke men want polygamous relationships?

They go to the altar and burn incense, leaving Zandi rolling her eyes in the kitchen. MaRadebe demands for Sphiwe to prioritize Zandi’s cleansing ceremony and a table for 3 for ‘wasting their time’. MaRadebe is leadership!

Magaye and sons, planning a surprise party for the wife

Musa Mseleku wanna be, Bheki Cele is organizing a dinner for Mamkhulu. Didn’t we already see this on uthando nesthembu?

MaKhumalo is a beautiful woman but Her RBF is not cute.

Ngiga and his wife are out having fun with their child. She looks sad. Her RBF is not cute. She let’s us know that Ngiga had 6 children when they met, so the other 7 are as a result of him cheating on her.

I found myself yelling at the tv, “Why are you still there?”.

Why is this set up not enough for Ngiga?

Listen, I was once stupid enough to forgive a pregnancy, I was told it was a mistake and a one night stand. I was still young and stupid. Two more pregnancies by two different girls followed and I was out.

SCA leading each other astray

Back to the Side Chick Association, lead by Samantha. In true #Realitytv style there’s a spa outing that results in MaMhlongo being convinced to stay with Dulas🙄. I can’t with this storyline.

This relationship doesn’t sit well with me

Meanwhile in Avoca Hills, Magaye tells his side piece about the surprise party, making her think that she’s invited. She pushes for an invite and it doesn’t go her way. She was mad that Magaye hasn’t facilitated a meeting with Mamkhulu and she is pushing to meet with her. This relationship doesn’t strike me as a stable one, but I could be wrong.

#mnakwethuHEA #Polygamy #SCA #mnakwethuHappilyEverAfter


Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 5 Review

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 5 Review.
I want to keep it short and to the point.

Sorisha is leadership

Sorisha is leadership! As much as she’s been away from the cameras, her return brings balance. The ‘Giselle and Robyn wanna be’ duo are very well behaved when Sorisha is there. I liked how she avoided drama with Nonkanyiso, insinuating that Vivian is a polygamist.

Sorisha is not to be dragged into meanness

I gave her my stamp of approval when she told Annie that she hoped they were supportive to Nonku. That is a girl’s girl in my book.

Nonku mmust rise!

I feel for Nonku. The wine launch flop is really weighing heavily on her. At least she got a chance to bid Sifiso farewell, when Ayanda took her and her daughter to the gravesite.

Ayanda and her sons looked genuinely happy to see Nothile. She is a shy teenager, so it was probably a bit too much for her. Add cameras to the mix…

The little scenes of shopping for beads and pole dancing didn’t really interest me. I am about the real stuff.

In true Ayanda style, she rocked up late to umemulo kaLaConco. I think that they should give her a different call time, in anticipation of her lateness tendencies.

So Ayanda wasn’t eating (probably because she is born again, or maybe she had already eaten before coming to the event) at LaConco’s event and it got blown way out of proportion. How could and why would LaConco poison her guests, especially her friend Ayanda? Ayanda’s explanation didn’t convince me, she eats at restaurants and she ate at the club and at the Diwali party. Clearly she is hiding her reason for refusing the food.
#realitytv #RealHousewivesOfDurban #review #umemulo #SorishaIsLeadership #Villagevibes #Zulungenkani #Shwele


Mnakwethu Season 2 (Happily ever after?)| Episode 7 Review

I am yet to see any happiness on this show.
This episode gave me something to write about, at least.
I am glad they didn’t show us Dula’s girlfriends this time around. I am really tired of the nonsensical drama. Sometimes I feel like these young girls rush into commitments prematurely. Could it be the ‘sizodla nini ngawe?’ type questions that our uncles and aunties need to stop asking?

MaRadebe in Season 1, had the most dramatic episode & said some words out of hurt, to the girl who was to become her sister wife. The girl ended up having a miscarriage and they’ve now both broken up with the guy. MaRadebe knew the kind of person she was married to.

 These two women needed this moment of forgiveness. I wish women worldwide would realize that no good can come from hurting another woman.

The Mchunu brothers attempted to ‘fine their brother in law’ for going about things improperly. Why is this guy always visiting with the in-laws? It’s like he’s making celebrity appearances.

They made a 180° turn halfway through the discussion and it made me think that they were just after the black tax, which they happily accepted in the form of booze. I wasn’t convinced that they felt aggrieved in any way. Zulu women, you are on your own!

Magaye’s wife always makes me feel sad. She feels trapped in that marriage and because she didn’t finish school, she doesn’t feel like she can make it on her own. I wonder how many women are in this exact position out there. I feel for her.

MaKhanyile was sent home so that the pregnant wife could visit. The wife ‘makes food and babies’, we were told. I wonder why women put up with these men.

The male chauvinistic outlook, attitude and disposition displayed on this show is like our window into the psyche of patriarchal traditionalists, who are determined to block the liberation of women in our society at all costs.

#Realitytv #review #MnakwethuS2E7 #MaleChaunistic #patriachal #traditionalist #toxicmasculinity #Polygamy


Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) | Season 1 Episode 1

Real Housewives of Durban season 1 ep 1: The cast is built around Sorisha Naidoo (Vivian Reddi’s yellow bone wife), kids are as dark as she was before the skin lightening but asikho lapho. I expected Nonkanyiso to be at the party because Vivian and Zuma are buddies but that wasn’t the case. Sifiso Ncwane’s baby mama Nonku brought the drama at the Diwali party!

I felt sorry for Ayanda, because she’s still grieving the loss of her husband. The guy didn’t do right by his mom and baby mamas, but it’s his widow that has to carry that dumpling (Englishifying Zulu idioms). Yazi bazomthwesa ugodo olushunqintuthu. Anne and Kgomotso had so much screen time but are quickly fading into the background. The other woman is forgettable unfortunately. She’s a successful business person though. As the fireworks went off, I couldn’t help but wonder about the many dogs in that household🤔The niceties are over now, we are looking forward to the claws being out and to LaConco’s introduction.

#Realitytv #review #RealHousewivesofDurban


Braxton Family Values Season 7 Episode 6: Sister Staycation

s7-Eps.3 >> Braxton Family Values Season 7 , [Episode 3 Full Online] | Braxton  Family Values (2020) S7/E3 On Series

BFV: I am not used to feeling calm and happy after watching this show, but I am enjoying the new Traci.
I am annoyed at Toni for being unnecessarily extra with the beekeeper’s getup, like really? And how she keeps on wanting to invite negativity into the tranquil sisters vacay. Their youngest sister irks me and she made a good decision quitting the show, so I just don’t get why she keeps bringing her up. If you miss your sister, call her 🤦
Traci tried to explain her talk to the therapist, and to Trina & Towanda… But she wasn’t saying the whole thing. I felt like she was holding back and trying not to offend her mother.
In her 50s and still scared of her mom.
Anyway, Towanda got her tattoo removed and it got me thinking 🤔why the hell would you tattoo somebody’s name on your wrist when you don’t even feel the butterflies in your stomach for him? Apparently the new guy makes her feel like she’s experiencing love for the first time 🙄
They like pyjama parties in this family, so for Toni’s birthday party, they wore clown makeup and costume wigs… Lord have mercy. Towanda looked stunning as Cleopatra but her sisters were wack af.
I sure hope this is their last season. I also hope that all who need therapy will realize it and seek it out.
Unfortunately, some people cannot look themselves in the mirror and be honest with what they find. 🤷🏿
My 2 cents end here.

Working on me, myself and I

Working on yourself is the most difficult undertaking you could ever embark on.

I go quiet on the socials sometimes, precisely because I am working on myself and I cannot share every step of the process with you all. I have learned that granting unrestricted access to you and your inner self is not a very prudent thing to do.

I realized the other day as I was praying the Examen (google St Ignatius of Loyola) just how out of touch I am with the outside world. It is very easy to block what doesn’t nurture you when you get to my age😋

One might argue that it is easier to live a holy life when you are not subjected to temptations and my isolation certainly cuts down on the problematic encounters, which might lead one astray. Perhaps the thorn on my side is within and it’s about time I start tackling it.

Self-awareness doesn’t just happen overnight or without any discomforts, prompting it. I will not be like St James and tell you to count it pure joy. That’s for full-time hardcore Christians.

Ride the waves, the proverbial ups and downs of life and hang on for dear life because ain’t nothing smooth about this life. Cry if you must, shout if you must, but rest assured that whatever dark tunnel you are in has an opening on the other end. It helps to believe in a higher power, whatever you might perceive him/her or it to be.

In conclusion, if the higher power managed to create all that we see, hear, feel, touch and smell, trust me they can make your life easier and even your wildest dreams possible. Just keep on dreaming, asking and believing. Your time is coming. Your blessings will locate you at the appointed time.

This is what’s in my spirit tonight as loadshedding presents me with this moment of total silence.
Let the church say Amen.

I have a dream of a cohesive family unit

Today I saw the most prayerful, bravest kids.I wish I had their conviction of faith. For a second I found myself wishing we were still a cohesive unit, in spite of age and life experience. Cohesion is very important in families. In my assessment, in order to achieve a loving, cohesive unit, you need to:1. Lighten up a bit (directed at me!) 2. Be willing to compromise as different individuals3. Accept that not everyone will see things your way4. Let things go (also directed at me)5. Believe in a higher being (and respect others’ beliefs)6. Pretend like you are a door mat (also directed at me) 7. Keep the goal of cohesion in mind8. Laugh and have fun together oftenWe all know this, so what’s stopping us from achieving it?That’s my reflection as my mom’s second posthumous birthday approaches. I miss her every day. I wish we could conduct ourselves in a way that is pleasing to her. What greater honor could there be, than to see the fruits of your womb being good to one another.My prayer for tonight is for unity in families and cohesion among siblings.Ibandla alithi Amen.

Dearest family, Let’s love and forgive each other

I got overwhelmed the other day thinking about ukhokho kakhokho wethu uMdambiso. Indoda eyayingabafuni ngempela abelumbi. “Salahlekelwa” ubukhosi basemaJwareni banikwa uDuma, saba uDumisa ngoba engeke azibandakanye nabelumbi.Wayengeyona indoda enonya, wayezazi ukuthi ungubani nokuthi yini angayifuni eduze kwakhe. Kuthe ngokushona kamfowabo uSoshangisa eMtshezi, kwafika imibiko yokungabi kuhle kwenhlalo yezingane nabafazi bomfowabo wathi mabalandwe.It is because of this act, that we can never discriminate against inzalo kaSoshangisa, sesingabaMdambiso sonke. Siyinzalo yaLuqha noLucenge.Into eba buhlungu neyosenza silahlwe icala ile yokungazwani singabandawonye. Uthole sesibizelana amaphoyisa ngoba sesidelelane kwafika la sizoshayana khona. Uthola sesinomhobholo nokungazwelani, oshiyelwe uyise umuzi edolobheni engasafuni ukuhlala nezingane zakubo kuwo. Osethole impumelelo, ekade esekelwa abazali efunda angasakwazi ukusekela abeza ngemva kwakhe. Uthole izelamani sezihambelana ezinyangeni ngoba zinukana. Uthole umuntu osezingeni lokuba ubaba ezinganeni zabafowabo abangasekho eseyizimuzimu, ekhetha iphela emasini. Kukhulunywe amazwi aziswana phezu kwezingane emndenini, amazwi aqalekisayo nanggaphi impilo. Kuningi ngeke ngakubalula konke.Singavatha, sigqoke nezimedali zenkolo, kepha sinyathela ngayo na indlela eya ekukhanyeni? Siphilisana kanjani usuku nosuku? Sizithola sesimbuluza phambi kwabantu nje, kunjani ekujuleni kwezinhliziyo zethu? Sihlebelani ngezingane zasemndenini sibadala, ingane mayona ayihlaliswa ngani phansi ikhuzwe? Sikuphi isidingo sokuhlebana? I am comforted by the way some people in our family love, support and help each other, not all is lost. I pray that ‘some’ becomes ‘most’ if not ‘ALL’ someday soon. I pray for forgiveness, healing and love for the houses of Mdambiso and Soshangisa collectively.

Children are such copy cats

I’m a coffee person (ngesiPitori “Myself I’m coffee person”). 😂😂😂😂 I woke up with certain characters on my mind and in my heart and yes, I do have a heart.
I hide it well 😂😂😂😂😂.

Growing up my parents insisted that we only drink Milo and cocoa. Little did they know that Khulu never got that memo. Khulu drank coffee through out the day, everyday. She had those tall teapots with built-in wire mesh filters.

My folks, including and especially Mamkhulu Wilo were tea drinkers. Red bush tea was their preferred choice of beverage. Freshpak is Mbelukazi’s preferred tea as a result. She likes all the things she grew up with. Gogo drank Tab, guess what Kazi’s favorite soft drink is!
It is important for us to remember these seemingly insignificant things about our parents and grandparents.

Mkhulu Msinkili on the other hand was very concerned with the consumption of milk by visitors. Oh I miss how brutally honest, straight forward and direct he was. People pretend too much these days.

I think I am slowly becoming a tea drinker myself, occasionally I indulge in coffee, even though I know that it’s not good for me. (Good thing I broke my fancy coffee machine). Sometimes I drink tea to get closer to my parents. They liked using the thermo mugs we use when traveling, because they enjoyed piping hot tea. I’ve been known to drop an ice cube or two in my tea.

I laugh at how easy it is to go on and on about nothing😂😂😂.

Enjoy your Monday guys, this weather is good for the crops but doesn’t want us to work yazi.

Real Housewives of Capetown Mid-season Review

Syabuka phela ngoba sithandizinto.

Real Housewives of Capetown is such a let down 🙄. Lue only joined the show in the previous episode and she’s trying so hard to get the spotlight, it’s coming off as being tjatjarag.

I loved how Rooksie owned uo to the work she’s had done on her body. That’s how you shut the drama down. I am just speculating here, but it seems to me the show producers want to make Rooksie the Mabusi of Kaapstad and Loveline is the Nonku that’s serving her ‘friend’ on a platter to the producers.

Bev is shady af.

Mrs Leo and Thato’s english still irritate me but I am trying so hard to not pay attention to it. Thato is a drama queen and that’s usually reality tv gold but hhai maan it’s off nje kakhulu.

I love how chilled Rushda is.

The queen of Constantia is actually loaded! I laugh at her trying to maintain decorum😂😂😂. We want the ratchetness makhulu.

This show needs to rethink the angle, right now I’m not buying what they are selling shem.

That’s my 2 cents folks. Ciao!

Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Reunion Part 1 Review| It’s Caro’s world, we just live in it

Y’all know I love Toyin🤞

Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Reunion Part 1 did not go well for Toyin.

First of all, can we pause and gasp collectively for the breathtaking fashions! Nigerian women know how to carry these over the top styles okay👏👏👏 The chunky jewelry must have been the theme, potatoes and all.

The grand entrances were👌

Toyin had an unusual demeanor when they were being greeted by the host prior to them taking the stage. She came into it already with negativity. Then the fight with Laura, which didn’t need to happen. I felt like Laura was holding back and still trying to protect Toyin even during the fight.

Mirriam gets overlooked so much on this show and she allows it. The reunion started with 5 cast members and when it was Mirriam’s turn, madam former Mrs Billionaire made her grand entrance and she wasn’t even asked why she’s late. Wow! The things yellowbones get away with.

The fight between Toyin and Carolyna shouldn’t have been part of the show in my view because when we met them, they were no longer friends and to drag things that happened 12 years ago into a reunion of a show that never even touched on these things is ridiculous in my view. I believe in sticking to the scope.

The way Toyin was talking over Caro was suspicious af. The girl didn’t want us to get Caro’s side and in true Caro fashion, she called her a prostitute. What goes on there by Lagos ladies? I liked how Mirriam tried to get her face out of the way during the 10 minutes long war of words. I would have also done the same, wouldn’t wanna be caught in the cross fire.

Caro also had a tiff with Mirriam but it was inconsequential as per usual where Mirriam is concerned.

Iyabo and Chioma were basically spectators on that stage.

We need to change the format of these shows as audiences. This idea of women getting dressed up to go and fight each other for our entertainment doesn’t sit well with me at all.

This, ladies and gentlemen is my two cents worth on the reunion.


Snowflake Mountain | I know I don’t qualify

Such a diverse bunch of munchkins

Just finished watching Snowflake Montain. It’s a reality show on Netflix about spoilt young adults who are entitled, struggling with growing up (cleaning up after themselves, cooking, laundry, doing anything constructive with their lives) and leading their own lives basically.

If it were shot here in Mzansi, to cast it they’d have to differentiate and filter out who’s a real snowflake, who’s a skhothane, who has given up on life, and who is struggling to get a job.

I feel like the unemployed get a bad rap in our families. One person was telling me how tired he is of all the ‘advice’, unsolicited of course that he’s been getting from people who have just gotten short-term jobs, after years of employment. The advice stops when contracts expire, clearly they are not taking their own advice.

What I’m tired of is the ‘why don’t you go into teaching /nursing…?’ Oh so clearly all the qualified nurses and teachers are employed in this country. My post is not even about employment but ke whilst on the subject, can we please stop assuming that the unemployed are stupid and need us to tell them how to live their lives.

Watching the show, I felt like I could have done it without having too many problems. I found myself thinking that I could climb trees and do push-ups and stuff for $50k. The long drop bucket system would have tripped me up, I don’t want to lie. Fetching water, chopping trees and butchering game would have been a walk in the park for me. I couldn’t understand why they were taking cold showers instead of warming the water on the fire/stove first. I feel like my 4 year old niece and nephew could have done much better at that camp. Exposure is everything I guess.

I was reminded of Education 4 Life when I saw how transformed the participants were at the end of the program. I hope some influential young people or chaplains or even Bishops could watch this show and force church youth programs to be in this format, instead of boring old paper and pen.

Anyway, on the final episode, they have to summit a real mountain over 2 days and then choose a winner. A big beautiful black girl won! I feel like I won with her. Her transformation was phenomenal. A part of me wished for the prize money to be split equally amongst everyone, but that’s not how these things work.

Closure| What a scam

A personal reflection by the fabulousmeujwara.com

What if you were jilted and never got an explanation for your dumpation? What if the answers you seek are so obvious that when you decide to actually accept them, life becomes much lighter.

On my 24th birthday, my dad gave me some spending money and permission to go to town, no questions asked. I met with my then boyfriend at our usual spot at the beach and he didn’t even wish me a happy birthday, he broke up with me and refused to explain why. Being the overthinker that I am I drew up a list of possible reasons and with the help of my cousin {(his best friend)- after I was done being mad at him for continuing their friendship… yes I wanted my cousin to choose me} , I figured out why I was dumped.

I was also an unemployed graduate, in case some things are not making sense re: my financial situation and independence.

My ex never stopped flirting with me, even though I had repeatedly told him to stop with that nonsense. Apparently it’s a Zulu thing to forcibly flirt with people, even when they have registered their displeasure with it.

Unloving someone happens. You discover deal breakers along the way, they fail to live up to the Christian values you expect from them. I once refused to donate to a street beggar and I was deemed a bad Christian. I may have been unknowingly put on a very high pedestal.

I was faulted for being too direct with my questions regarding suspected infidelity. I lost points all the time, but I didn’t know I was in a points-based relationship. A lot of other stuff had happened that altered the way I thought and did things, especially after the attempted suicide. I think it all got a bit too much for the guy and that’s okay.

Sometimes you compromise your own values because relationships require some form of sacrifice right. So what happens when your sacrifice is not valued because the other person does not understand what you have sacrificed, to them it is normal life (business as usual). What if you’re required to compromise to the point of not knowing who you are and what you are doing anymore, to the point of feeling as though you don’t recognize yourself in your actions, meanwhile the other person is happy with the compromised life you are leading. Are you not betraying yourself in that relationship? What if you are not given the same grace when you are going through difficulties? I got to a point where I had to ask myself these questions and be frank with myself in answering them because the mjol was nyisaring me.

What if you keep up this facade only for the other person to find who they are truly compatible with, and the new person is allowed to be themselves and not expected to be perfect? The new person is allowed to show their emotions and raise their voice, in whatever way they want. The new person is allowed to make demands and get things done with zero complaints or compromising needed from their end. What if the new person is truly loved? Wouldn’t it make you feel like you were played? I was mad about it for a while and took it out on my cousin (my ex’s best friend) and his girlfriend (my former bestie & ex’s new woman’s sister). Letting go of this anger was so freeing. I felt so light when I finally forgave and let all the anger and bitterness go. I was so light, I could have flown like a kite.

Don’t be scared to be alone. Don’t wait for “the closure” conversation, it might never happen. It might only happen 16 years after the breakup, what then? So when I finally got the answers from the horses mouth, I was already over it.

This is to all women and girls hanging on for dear life in dead-end situationships because of fear of being alone, denial, peer pressure, *insert your reason *, etc. This is for those who are waiting on explanations and closure, just forget about it and live your best life mntase.

Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Mid-season Reunion by Iyabo.

Did anybody else pause to read each whatsapp message on the #RHOLagos?
Production is doing so much 🙄. The comparison of social media followers was hilarious 😂😂😂

Carolyna responded disproportionately vile to Laura’s whatsapp message. The girl is hateful. They can gang up on Laura all they want but Carolyna was in the wrong.

Chioma’s getting more and more irritating with every episode. For Chioma to actually think that Laura is looking for followers through her and Carolyna with 3M Instagram followers of her own shows just how delusional and self-absorbed Chioma really is.

The princess act is getting old for me. The laughing whilst Toyin was talking was so disrespectful.

It doesn’t matter how much charity work you do, if your heart is cold and dark, then you are just doing it for show. A charitable heart is key to philanthropy. Mirriam’s calculator reset button comment sent me rolling on the floor 😂😂😂😂

It’s only season 1 but the Lagos Housewives are going to Dubai, meanwhile the Durban Housewives are given local trips to Mnambithi and stuff. Hhayi ngeke #RHODurban needs a decent budget. #RHOLagos is showing Dbn out

Real Housewives of Lagos Season 1 Episode 7| Shots fired🙆🏿

 I hadn’t felt like reviewing the Real Housewives of Lagos until now.

The ladies have had their little dramas and shady moments, e.g. Chioma calling Laura a customer and not a friend, Carolyna boho event’s drama, Carolyn being cold towards Mirriam and all the antics at Laura’s fashion show.

Marriam had asked for a drama-free dinner but the late comers started a chain of events that culminated in the WhatsApp group war of words, that has Laura shaking in her boots and explaining to her hubby before ish hits the fan. This show is reaching toxic levels very fast.

Next week promises to be drama-filled. I hate it when black women get dressed up to go fight each other on TV. I also heard that Chioma and Carolyn’s friendship is over🤔

I still like Laura with all her insecurities and drama. Toyin’s flawless face without make-up is skin-goals for me👌

The attention seeking antics of grand entrances is getting old and frankly disrespectful, I am glad Iyabo addressed it right there and then with Chioma but not everyone is able to do that. Some people’s reaction times are longer. This is why I am not mad at Laura for the initial whatsapp message.

I have to gush about the perfection that is Priscilla, Iyabo’s 21 year old live doll. The girl is gorgeous.

I can’t wait to see the reunion show, whenever that would be. I just hope production won’t manipulate the final edit.