Getting real for just a few minutes. #BeingBlessed

So yesterday I felt overcome with gratitude. At this time of the year, I usually just sit and reflect on the kind of year I have had. A lot of good happened this year.
So I did a long Instagram post, which ended up being about Dave. I guess I gave him props, which he so deserves.

I am letting the universe and the powers that be know that I am grateful. I appreciate all that I have gone through, especially this year. I am especially grateful for the people that have stuck by me through it all. Dave has been an angel and a catalyst for my growth. I would love to hate him sometimes but he has shown me that life can be fun and serious at the same time. He has shown me that people can love and grossly misunderstand each other all at the same time. That you can have your space and still enjoy someone’s company. That you can come back from whatever catastrophic situation you may find yourself in. That you can give advice and push people to reach their goals but not impose yourself on them when they reach there. “Umbeki wenkosi akabusi nayo” was just a saying before the Dave experience but he was able to demonstrate this to me. 
Finally what I appreciate the most is the many lessons I have learned in my trying times. 2018 has been a year of growth. 
When the year started I declared war on the devil and boy did he bring it! I ‘m standing, with unshaken faith in God the almighty one. From now on I will celebrate and praise God regardless of the minor hiccups along the way. I laugh at the word ‘minor’.
God bless you for reading this long epistle, St Paul has got nothing on me shem. #blessed #highlyfavoured #GodLovesMe #ILoveGod #grateful #gratitudeiskey #gratitude #lessonslearned #thankGod
I also did a youtube post. Listen, I’m on top of this thing!!! The spirit of the Lord was upon me chile. Check it out:
I am coming to a realization that I am blessed. I am the type of person who focuses on getting things right and winning but that’s not how God operates. You can totally miss your blessings because they dont come wrapped up in the kind or form that you desire and expect.
Starting from the bottom, there’s only one direction I’m going. UP!

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