Why I’m so happy to be done with tolerating nonsense

Me, enjoying Sizakele’s support and companionship


This photo was taken by Sizakele in Ermelo, Mpumalanga. We had gone there for an introductory meeting to the provincial people and all they wanted was to ‘read us for filth’. I remember saying repeatedly that I missed NRASD.
I still don’t get why black people in power need to be so nasty, especially in Mpumalanga.
They didn’t see NGOs as partners but punching bags. Attending meetings there used to be so stressful and I remember how our coordinators in the province avoided attending those monthly reporting meetings, which felt more like venting sessions for certain people. I was so tired of being dragged and lambasted for over-performance nogal. 🙄
(Even when they had a witch-hunt mission & found every reported patient to be appropriately documented, the bad-mouthing did not stop.) I was so fed up with some people. It seemed we couldn’t catch a break, the office was very stressful, the field had its own challenges, and the donor… Oh Don’t get me started on that rude, overbearing, arrogant ‘donor’.
This made me love Johannesburg even more. The officials were kind and appreciative of the work done by partners. The focus was on the progress made and improving health outcomes, not egos and power-tripping. Anova as the lead partner was doing a stellar job, competent, professional, very helpful and supportive to implementing partners. They went as far as absorbing our field staff at the end of the project. I wish other big organizations would be like Anova.

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