We need to stop glorifying child abuse!

Pic taken at my Gran’s

On Saturday mom & I were talking about how my grandmother (Khulu Manyova) literally saved my life. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her love and protection. Growing up in a hostile world, I always knew she was in my corner. She’s the only person I could talk to about the bullying I was going through at St Nivard’s Primary School. My mom always found it funny, something I could never understand. She must have had a really thick skin growing up and expected the same of me. Khulu Manyova would come up with solutions and I remember how she would make crafts for me to submit to my teachers at school and avoid getting a whooping. Khulu was against beating children and I remember how satisfying it was to hear her yelling and screaming at my parents for beating or even attempting to beat us. Maybe that’s why they resorted to night beatings🤔 Looking back at my childhood, I don’t think I was as naughty as my 3 younger siblings but I swear, not a week went by without me getting a whooping. As a result I am super protective of children (Dave says I spoil kids), but I draw a distinction between instilling discipline and letting kids be abused. When I was deemed too old for beatings, my relationship with my parents blossomed into something beautiful. We could’ve had a great parent-child relationship throughout my life. Now, we talk like equals. I used to be scared of them especially mommy. Daddy was a different person when he started working from home and he could find some of our mishaps hilarious. He still gave us beatings though until we became teens. I love my parents, don’t let this story mislead you into thinking that I don’t.

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