Botched by Jesus’ Dad

I’m so happy and appreciative that I am now at a point where I can declare my self love openly and not care what anybody else thinks about it.
I have received all sorts of advice from well-meaning individuals who were embarrassed on my behalf about how God made me. As a child, I took it all in even though it hurt but when I turned 15 something snapped. #hormones
I went off on Magubane at the Std 10 study room for calling me ‘inguxumba’, a word I have never heard again since. I knew exactly what it meant, even though it probably was a made-up word. It fulfilled its purpose. I read her for filth and I have never stopped delivering lines that punch people harder than my fists could ever do.
I remember the advice ‘to pinch my nose’ whenever my hand was free, so that it’s not so flat. And to put my glasses on the bridge of my nose to disguise my wide bridge. Oh and how can I forget about the widow’s peak correction by shaving my hairline straight every day. Can you imagine? The one I fell for at first was the use of different contraptions to enhance my silhouette. *clears throat*
Oh I fell for this one and even introduced my sisters to it. It had come from a very unlikely source, our always drunk cousin Eli and he wasn’t discreet about it. Asked me why I don’t use a girdle in a taxi full of people. To his defense, he was drunk.
We called it islender, I had all sorts of different ones. I still do actually.
The simpler route didn’t occur to these individuals, accept the person exactly how they look. An alternative is to avoid looking at people who are not up to your standards, you know some people accuse God of slacking off in the creation aspect. Maybe he’s too busy answering your prayers or trying to translate the tongues that you have been bombarding him with. I don’t know 🤷
My tip for you dear reader is to refrain from giving unsolicited advice about people’s bodies and faces. I owe nobody a flat tummy, big booty, narrow face and facial features. I love what God gave me. If you have complaints, direct them to God via Jesus. Okay!

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I'm a dark-skinned black woman who loves life, fashion, food and books. I am a writer at heart. I am fat and fabulous. I enjoy traveling and exploring. I am creative and smart. Welcome to my world!

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