Healing of Memories Part 8

Church ladies, hang on to your hats!

My God mother and I have always had a strong relationship, or so I thought. I didn’t wanna speak about it when I was first told about it but right now I am compelled to. Something in my spirit wants to release it.
I watched something on TV that triggered my disdain for the ‘church nice-nasty’ attitude. We have normalized it so much and we try to look past it because we’re all trying to be good “Christians”.
Having ‘holy’ parents put so much pressure on me growing up. I knew I couldn’t reach their level of holiness even if I tried. I did try. Very hard in fact. Doing this feels unnatural and a betrayal to them.

Anyway, my God mother is the only nonfamily member I invited to my graduation. That’s how close I regarded her and her unkind words about me cut deeper than I thought was possible.
The terrible awful things she was going around spreading about me last year and the things she said about me in 2012 are related in that she’s accusing me of fraud in both cases.
Back in 2012 I actually attempted to clear my name and set the record straight. I sent her receipts, which she wasn’t entitled to because I naively thought it was a misunderstanding. Wrong! She was pulling frenemy moves nje, just like last year.
{For those who have never been employed, there’s certain personal information that you give your employer, like your home address so that they can track you down if you have things to answer to post your employment tenure with them.}
If “they” can find her, they can certainly find me. They have all my details.

My question though is always: “at what point does God feature in the way we live and interact with fellow Christians?”. Why do we spread lies about people and then laugh and smile to their faces? This is not normal behavior ngesintu, certainly not a Christian way of life. Miss me with the nice-nasty church madams🏃🏿👎

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