Gender Based Violence

 What it boils down to for me is that people will lie to women to get consent, just so they can say they didn’t rape them. If you knowingly profess love (but you don’t mean it) and proceed to use a woman sexually, you are no different to a rapist. Consent based on lies and deceit is no consent at all.

We have fathers abandoning their children because they never wanted them to begin with and they feel no guilt about neglecting their flesh and blood because our society has normalized men using and abusing women.
It’s even worse when this is done to young, innocent and naive girls who have no clue what to do in relationships.
The way ‘Christians’ shy away from teaching and mentoring young people about courtship and relationships results in all these unhealthy situationships and children are judged for mistakes that could have been avoided.
I don’t need anyone to agree with me on this, my conviction is sufficient and if the shoe fits ladies and gentlemen, go ahead and wear it!
#StopGBV #stophumantrafficking #stoprape #stopkillingwomen #coercionisnotconsent #coercionisrape

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