Braxton Family Values Season 7 Episode 6: Sister Staycation

s7-Eps.3 >> Braxton Family Values Season 7 , [Episode 3 Full Online] | Braxton  Family Values (2020) S7/E3 On Series

BFV: I am not used to feeling calm and happy after watching this show, but I am enjoying the new Traci.
I am annoyed at Toni for being unnecessarily extra with the beekeeper’s getup, like really? And how she keeps on wanting to invite negativity into the tranquil sisters vacay. Their youngest sister irks me and she made a good decision quitting the show, so I just don’t get why she keeps bringing her up. If you miss your sister, call her 🤦
Traci tried to explain her talk to the therapist, and to Trina & Towanda… But she wasn’t saying the whole thing. I felt like she was holding back and trying not to offend her mother.
In her 50s and still scared of her mom.
Anyway, Towanda got her tattoo removed and it got me thinking 🤔why the hell would you tattoo somebody’s name on your wrist when you don’t even feel the butterflies in your stomach for him? Apparently the new guy makes her feel like she’s experiencing love for the first time 🙄
They like pyjama parties in this family, so for Toni’s birthday party, they wore clown makeup and costume wigs… Lord have mercy. Towanda looked stunning as Cleopatra but her sisters were wack af.
I sure hope this is their last season. I also hope that all who need therapy will realize it and seek it out.
Unfortunately, some people cannot look themselves in the mirror and be honest with what they find. 🤷🏿
My 2 cents end here.

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