Hurt people hurt people

Enjoying my garden and admiring Lizwi’s giant sunflower

“Don’t bleed on the people who didn’t cut you” has been my motto for the longest time. Remember, hurt people hurt people. But we are not totally helpless, we have a choice and I always try to choose kindness over revenge and can only hope that other people do too.

So COVID-19 has me on a tailspin, I don’t deal well with grief. When my best friend lost her mom, I was so grief-stricken and paralyzed that I was unable to console and support her the way I wanted to.

Whilst I was dealing with that, I saw the person who raped me 9 years ago on TV and I fell into an even deeper emotional hole.
A few days after my God-mother passed on.
In the midst of all of this I find myself having these long chats with my ex, uTk. I realize that I did a lot of work on myself after our break up but he didn’t or hasn’t. He’s still in the same toxic mental space, which he disguises with charm and calmness. I now realize that he has been bleeding on unsuspecting girls and women from the time he got hurt by that crazy woman. Sometimes I wonder if she was that crazy to begin with.

I realize that I wasn’t the problem after all and I am proud of myself for the work that I have done to improve my life spiritually and mentally. At least it prompted my growth.
This sounds bad but I am not feeling so bad about my situation.
Konke kuyizithunywa zokusisiza kusisondeze kuThixo.

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