South Africa, we have a drinking problem

How South Africans consume alcohol is rooted in prohibition laws of the past

How long are we going to pretend that we don’t have a drinking problem as a nation? When there’s alcohol, nothing else matters, not road safety, not Covid-19 regulations, and certainly not the fear of death.
This sterms back from a time natives weren’t allowed to buy and consume alcohol. We keep going back to apartheid because it still affects our lives even today.
If the choice is between life and getting drunk, I choose life, and quite frankly fail to understand how any human being can choose differently.

The most reckless thing our government could do is to allow the sale of alcohol and the height of the Covid-19 second wave in poirly resourced, corruption riddled South Africa. Almost every day for the past three weeks, a person known to me has died of COVID-19 related issues. I am almost all cried out and I know that the worst is still coming.

Judging by the unreformed behavior of my little brother without alcohol, I just know that introducing alcohol into the situation will be a sure way to wipe the entire family off the face of the earth. Even without alcohol, his risky behavior is putting our lives in danger.

If I had any influence on the national corona command council, I would suggest a hard lockdown again. People are not taking this crisis seriously.

At what point would people realize that profits cannot buy life? Capitalist greed is evil. It cares not that people are dying in numbers.

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