Co-dependency ¦ I simply had to share this

What the Queen Code posted on Facebook that had me shouting Amen!

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“There’s power in detachment.
Follow-up from the questions below:

Here’s how I learned detachment:
1. Realize that addiction/attachment to toxic people/relationships is a sign of “Codependency”. There’s so much power in this discovery. What you’re going through has a name.
2. Release pride and realize that you are Codependent and then educate yourself about Codependency. It’s not what most think. Codependents usually attract needy, dependent (and even narcissistic) people. They usually play the healer in their relationships and are usually the strong friend that others depend on. Read books on Codependency. “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie saved my life. I had completely lost my mind when I found her work. SO many questions were answered for me.
3. Now with knowledge of Codependency, realize that this issue is developed in childhood. It usually comes from abandonment or rejection wounds. Also, being a parentified child: having adult responsibilities as a child.
4. Put the Divine back on the throne. Take that man/friend/situation off the throne. With Divine help, start doing Inner Child Work and loving on that little girl and giving her what she needs instead of expecting others to fill that void.
5. Lastly, build a great life. If you have Codependency issues, its common to do things for others that you wouldn’t do for yourself. Get excited about your life. Start a new project that you’re excited about. Get my book: Unlocking the Queen Code to help you on your self-discovery journey. The link is below.
Ultimately you have to know your condition and heal the childhood wound that caused it. Your self-worth will increase. Your personal power will increase. Self-love increases and you vibrate higher.
Detachment is easy after this.”

-Molesey Crawford

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