When did Gender Based Violence become normalized?

Dr Lekota, the tooth fairy
The beautiful Kayise Ngqula with a beneficiary, whose story broke my heart.

Do you all remember Kayise Ngqula, winner of OPW presenter search? Well, she’s back on TV, hosting *Bring Back My Smile*
The show is redeeming the image of the station (157 Moja Love), because most of their shows are gutter trash, if we’re being honest.
Anyway, I love Kayise and the concept of this show, but the issue of Gender Based Violence has become a recurring theme and it breaks my spirit to see women being made to suffer, simply because of 1 chromosome.
The idea that there are people in this world who believe women are objects to be toyed around with, smacked, and raped for the fun of it is nauseating.
It’s not some hardened criminals and social misfits who commit these atrocities surprisingly, it’s regular guys with some education and jobs.
I don’t distinguish between the guys who brutally attack women and those who lie, coerce and use women without an ounce of guilt in their hearts. Their intentions are the same, to use and destroy.
Tonight I had the misfortune of watching a show called *minds of men*. Utter rubbish!
Where did this idea of a ‘for sex only’ human being come from? Would you like it if your sister or daughter was to be someone’s for sex only toy?
Such shows disturb my spirit. Such talk shouldn’t be normalized.
We often talk about #GBV as if it’s a new thing. Just because international donor organizations have started putting money towards causes that deal with these, doesn’t mean that these issues haven’t existed for as long as our way of life was interrupted by Christianity, education and modernization.
Can we take a step back and look at the root of the problem. How can we fix our boys and men? How can we make them see human beings in women and not toys? Leave your comments, long or short. Asixoxeni.

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