All I want is flawless skin

Look how beautiful my skin looked

How I wish my skin could be flawless…
Back in my varsity days, I was friends with my high school classmates until we grew apart (thank God). It felt a lot like high school all over again, see I wasn’t cool in high school (not that I am now) & I certainly didn’t want to be reminded of it.
I also learned that my skin was the reason I was assigned certain chores/duties and that I was supposed to be given a specific sweet duty but because of my disgusting skin, it had to be reallocated to someone else. I could have lived my entire life happily without this piece of information but this ‘friend’ felt compelled to share.

My mom had told me that it was a passing phase, she also had terrible acne growing up and she outgrew it. That hope kept me optimistic. It didn’t stop me trying any facial cosmetics that I could afford or concoct. Some worked but for a short while, while others were ineffective.
I didn’t dwell too much on it in my youth, because I was sure I’d outgrow it soon enough.

In my mid 20s, as I was gainfully employed, I was able to try various methods and products. I am still on that trial and error train even now.
When I lived at a convent I had all the time in the world, so I invested in make-up. I had to be up at 5:30, out of the house at 7:00 & only started work at 8:00. See, plenty of time to get dolled up!
I quickly abandoned that pass time/routine as soon as I got my independence and opted for extended sleeping time. Make-up isn’t cheap either you know.
I have had to learn to be comfortable with my blemished skin. Is it embarrassing? Yes. Do people look at my face with disgust? Sometimes, but who cares.
Please be kind to people who have acne scars, acne or any other condition visible to the public. You don’t need to mention it or your recommended remedies. We have heard it all, we know how to search the internet, we are aware of our problems, we don’t need to be reminded of our problems, trust that we are aware of them and that we are doing our best.
Namaste! 👏

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