The Real Housewives of Durban | Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Mrs Ayanda Ncwane, my favorite housewife so far
Ayanda and S’fiso’s sons, very mature for their age
Nothile, S’fiso’s love child with Nonku
Ayanda and Nonku’s drama-free meeting
Nonku Williams, Nothile’s mother

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 3: Ayanda and Nonku showing us how it should be done!

This episode warmed my heart. S’fiso’s strong genes are very evident on all the kids. I loved how the boys were ready to embrace their sister and how mature everyone involved is.

I hope all baby mamas and wives are taking notes. I feel like the producers were hoping to use Ayanda for drama & ratings, but she’s not the bitter Betty they want to portray her as.

She’s about showcasing her brother’s talents (winning best dressed and all) and raising her kids. They should have cast Sifiso’s mom if they wanted real drama.

This episode cements both Ayanda and Nonku as top cast members of this show. They showed us that:

1) Serious business women have no time for unnecessary catfights.

2) Responsible mothers put their children first.

The “Giselle & Robin wanna be” duo on the other hand is about to be written off in my book. Why do they get so much screen time anyway? The bridezilla, shading everybody and their aunties is really annoying and their chat about not knowing Zanele Mbokazi was so boring and unnecessary. I don’t know these ladies and they are not making me want to know them 😴 If they are not familiar with MaZetzet, are they really Durbanites? The Crown Gospel Music Awards are but just one of the things MaMbokazi does. Her marquee at the Durban July is always among the best… Her PR company has been in the forefront of any major events in Durban, mxm!

Club-goers, please explain the cage to me. Is my age showing?

This is my 2 cents worth!


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