Story Time| My Funny Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s day to all who still believe in love!

What if this is the only valentine’s greeting you received today read something like:

“Hey sweetie, happy valentine to you.

You know I don’t even remember when is Valentines’s day….. so sure you can deduce from that  what does that mean.

What is narcissistic person ??????”

I laugh because I’m over it but this is ‘bottom of the barrel’ type BS.

I woke up disturbed this morning because I dreamt of my ex from University, ironically he was admitting to someone within earshot of me that he’s an arrogant prick. Oh did I laugh in my sleep.

Our relationship had started very sweetly (pun intended). He used to bring me chocolates, he later confessed that his ex had brought him boxes of this stuff on her travels. My low self-esteem kicked into high gear when I realized who the ex was. She was a little chubby in the right places, had smooth skin, long straightened hair and impeccable style. She was well spoken and bubbly. All the things I wasn’t. Perhaps this was the turning point in my dating life, because things went downhill from that point onwards. Needless to say we had a nasty break-up, I almost got beat-up by his now wife… long story. I lost a friend and some acquaintances through the drama, good riddance I say.

The demise of our relationship wasn’t my doing though. This person was very competitive, when I tell that he would go or send his friends to the science faculty notice boards with my student number to check my exam marks (he was in humanities/arts), you’d think I am pulling your leg. When I caught him cheating, he had the gall to tell me “this is how it’s done, you snooze you lose!”

By the way, this is the same guy who went on double dates with my sister and her now ex (who tried to rape me at my sister’s place) when I was away for church conferences and vacation jobs. I honestly can’t believe I wasted time and emotions on this bum. He had a pretty face but a dark and vile heart. The lesson I should have learnt from this was to watch a person’s current actions and to forget about past sweetness/ charming behavior. In short, when love is no longer served, leave the table.

Later in the day I found myself sweating like a pig because of this heat and thinking about my first and BEST ever valentine’s day celebration (with my first boyfriend). We had gone to the beach and it was so hot, you could see the salt particles on the skin from the evaporated sweat. We had bumped into my mom in a taxi going to the beach & she bought me ice-cream. I had to somehow dodge her and sneak away to my date. Can you imagine? Oh young love.

Happy Valentine’s day everybody!

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