The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 4 Review

LaConco, former almost first lady.

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 4: All hail Laconco. I am giving it that title. #Villagevibes #Zulungenkani #Shwele Mnge done brought it! So the episode picked up from the club with a cage. Weird nje. The bride to be was dancing in the cage and apparently that’s how she met the groom. Okay asikho lapho. She has a stinking attitude that one.

Kgomotso Ndungane, at her Lilapa launch

Kgomotso had her launch. So many white people in attendance! #rugbyconnections maybe? 🤔

What I noticed about her is that she is different (kinder and softer) with Sorisha and brutal towards the black girls. Her ‘I told you so’ face at Nonku’s launch was really appalling. The snuggling under the blanket really irked me. What in the Giselle and Robyn is this?

Truth be told, Nonku took things for granted and was heavily reliant on people, so as a result her event flopped. She could have served the different wines and asked the guests to describe each one and then fill in the gaps here and there. Kgomotso had advised her earlier but she wouldn’t take the advice. The girls’ attitudes didn’t help either. But honestly, how do you launch something that you do not know? She pulled a Cynthia Bailey on us and it backfired badly.

Also her house is industrial chic in my limited decor knowledge but she disagreed, leaving me very confused. I still like her though.

Hands up if you expected Felix to salvage the situation with a joke or two. 🙋

Fun fact, Felix attended the same high school as us (all of my siblings and I), he was a few years ahead of cause. {Question: Is Nonku related to Felix’s wife?}

So this group apparently doesn’t know anybody in South Africa, I wonder where they live. Last week the didn’t know Zanele Mbokazi, this week they don’t know Nonkanyiso Conco. Okay, we believe you… NOT! Bazenza juicy bengafruity. What juvenile game is this of pretending not to know people? Nene & Phaedra already did that. How & why did they cast people who are clueless kanti?

____end of my 2 cents______

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