Mnakwethu Season 2 (Happily ever after?)| Episode 7 Review

I am yet to see any happiness on this show.
This episode gave me something to write about, at least.
I am glad they didn’t show us Dula’s girlfriends this time around. I am really tired of the nonsensical drama. Sometimes I feel like these young girls rush into commitments prematurely. Could it be the ‘sizodla nini ngawe?’ type questions that our uncles and aunties need to stop asking?

MaRadebe in Season 1, had the most dramatic episode & said some words out of hurt, to the girl who was to become her sister wife. The girl ended up having a miscarriage and they’ve now both broken up with the guy. MaRadebe knew the kind of person she was married to.

 These two women needed this moment of forgiveness. I wish women worldwide would realize that no good can come from hurting another woman.

The Mchunu brothers attempted to ‘fine their brother in law’ for going about things improperly. Why is this guy always visiting with the in-laws? It’s like he’s making celebrity appearances.

They made a 180° turn halfway through the discussion and it made me think that they were just after the black tax, which they happily accepted in the form of booze. I wasn’t convinced that they felt aggrieved in any way. Zulu women, you are on your own!

Magaye’s wife always makes me feel sad. She feels trapped in that marriage and because she didn’t finish school, she doesn’t feel like she can make it on her own. I wonder how many women are in this exact position out there. I feel for her.

MaKhanyile was sent home so that the pregnant wife could visit. The wife ‘makes food and babies’, we were told. I wonder why women put up with these men.

The male chauvinistic outlook, attitude and disposition displayed on this show is like our window into the psyche of patriarchal traditionalists, who are determined to block the liberation of women in our society at all costs.

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