Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 5 Review

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 5 Review.
I want to keep it short and to the point.

Sorisha is leadership

Sorisha is leadership! As much as she’s been away from the cameras, her return brings balance. The ‘Giselle and Robyn wanna be’ duo are very well behaved when Sorisha is there. I liked how she avoided drama with Nonkanyiso, insinuating that Vivian is a polygamist.

Sorisha is not to be dragged into meanness

I gave her my stamp of approval when she told Annie that she hoped they were supportive to Nonku. That is a girl’s girl in my book.

Nonku mmust rise!

I feel for Nonku. The wine launch flop is really weighing heavily on her. At least she got a chance to bid Sifiso farewell, when Ayanda took her and her daughter to the gravesite.

Ayanda and her sons looked genuinely happy to see Nothile. She is a shy teenager, so it was probably a bit too much for her. Add cameras to the mix…

The little scenes of shopping for beads and pole dancing didn’t really interest me. I am about the real stuff.

In true Ayanda style, she rocked up late to umemulo kaLaConco. I think that they should give her a different call time, in anticipation of her lateness tendencies.

So Ayanda wasn’t eating (probably because she is born again, or maybe she had already eaten before coming to the event) at LaConco’s event and it got blown way out of proportion. How could and why would LaConco poison her guests, especially her friend Ayanda? Ayanda’s explanation didn’t convince me, she eats at restaurants and she ate at the club and at the Diwali party. Clearly she is hiding her reason for refusing the food.
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