Mnakwethu Happily Ever After | Season 2 Episode 9

This episode was all about the second wives

Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 9: Second wives club.It felt like a continuation of episode 8 and not quite a stand alone episode.

I wonder how Qondanisa is when cameras stop rolling.

It picks up with Samantha and Qondanisa. In the previous episode, this guy showed signs of being a woman beater but asikho lapho. Basically, he hasn’t been there for Samantha. Even when she lost her mother, he just ignored her. When she asked if there’s another girlfriend, we get a ‘I am a man’ speech, code for “heck yeah, I have other women in my life”. In my head, I was screaming at Samantha for allowing this guy to treat her like she doesn’t matter. Cut your losses girl and move on.

Sphiwe goes to MaRadebe with Zandi and offers some money towards inhlawulo, but it wasn’t enough🙄. Why do broke men want polygamous relationships?

They go to the altar and burn incense, leaving Zandi rolling her eyes in the kitchen. MaRadebe demands for Sphiwe to prioritize Zandi’s cleansing ceremony and a table for 3 for ‘wasting their time’. MaRadebe is leadership!

Magaye and sons, planning a surprise party for the wife

Musa Mseleku wanna be, Bheki Cele is organizing a dinner for Mamkhulu. Didn’t we already see this on uthando nesthembu?

MaKhumalo is a beautiful woman but Her RBF is not cute.

Ngiga and his wife are out having fun with their child. She looks sad. Her RBF is not cute. She let’s us know that Ngiga had 6 children when they met, so the other 7 are as a result of him cheating on her.

I found myself yelling at the tv, “Why are you still there?”.

Why is this set up not enough for Ngiga?

Listen, I was once stupid enough to forgive a pregnancy, I was told it was a mistake and a one night stand. I was still young and stupid. Two more pregnancies by two different girls followed and I was out.

SCA leading each other astray

Back to the Side Chick Association, lead by Samantha. In true #Realitytv style there’s a spa outing that results in MaMhlongo being convinced to stay with Dulas🙄. I can’t with this storyline.

This relationship doesn’t sit well with me

Meanwhile in Avoca Hills, Magaye tells his side piece about the surprise party, making her think that she’s invited. She pushes for an invite and it doesn’t go her way. She was mad that Magaye hasn’t facilitated a meeting with Mamkhulu and she is pushing to meet with her. This relationship doesn’t strike me as a stable one, but I could be wrong.

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