Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 6 Review


Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 6: Mabusi denied!

Mabusi denied. It’s a trend with this group of women to deny knowing people.

Anyway, thank you so much for indulging me as I tell you my take on this episode. Shalom🙏

I give my own titles!

Maphumulo, KZN

As usual it picks up from previous episode 🙄. Why can’t each episode be a stand alone?

Ayanda tells the girls about the poisoning of her brother and her late hubby, which explains her guardedness about accepting food willy nilly, which is actually understandable.

Kgomotso is her prissy self complaining about flies at a traditional ceremony. I take it she’s never attended such ceremonies before.

Did anybody else laugh at the comparison between Odwa Ndungane and Sifiso Ncwane, like girl…. We don’t consider your husband a celebrity!

LaConco complains about Ayanda’s phony friendship to her sister. I am disappointed that she didn’t address it with Ayanda directly. The expectation that Ayanda should have worn a real isidwaba and no weave was just bizarre to me. Not everybody was raised in a community or family that insists on guests to be fully kitted out as if they are trying to upstage usingaye.

Kgomotso complains to her husband about Mabusi being demanding at her launch.

Annie sends the ladies feathery invitations.

Ayanda & Sorisha meet to catch up on Nonku’s daughter meeting with Ayanda’s sons. I am in awe of Ayanda’s openness and how she has embraced Nothile. It was really touching. She also tells Sorisha about the impending surname change. As a Zulu person, I am asking myself if inhlawulo was paid for Nothile🤔

At Nonku’s house, the queen comes over for a visit. She and Nonku look so much alike! Nonku’s found some relief from distress, which even her mom acknowledges, after visiting Sifiso’s resting place. She probes Nothile about the reunion with her brothers and a possibility of another visit. Nothile wants to visit BUT, by herself.

I would have liked for Nonku’s questions to be open ended…but that’s just me.

When the subject of a surname change is brought up, Nothile welcomes it!

I like how musical she is. She is without a doubt her father’s daughter.

Apparently Ngcweti is also musical like Sifiso! He thinks he’s grown😂, talking about “the other two will get along better because they are younger”. Nothile looks very mature for her age. Ayanda is so excited about Nothile, it’s beautiful to watch!

When the ladies attend the event at Annie’s salon, nobody mentions the club and the music but the camera pans to the DJ a couple of times (confusing me) and I think of how Kgomotso was complaining about the mood not being set at Nonku’s launch.

Speaking of KG, what the hell was she wearing and who told her that she looks anything like Halle Berry? HHAIBO!

Mabusi dominates conversation & I am now curious to know more about this Mabusi person. Perhaps she could replace Kgomotso & Annie in Season 2 because #nostorylines #snoozefest. Just saying.

This is my 2 cents worth folks!



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