AmaBishop S1:E1 Review| Night made!

Hello friends.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time with my words and opinions, I truly appreciate it.

We have waited with bated breath for the premiere episode in this house & it delivered on the drama!

Herewith my 2 cents in a nutshell:

  • Too many issues for one episode!
  • Too much time was given to Dr Love, Solomon and Mboro, was it undue? I don’t know.
    • R1 million from Bushiri, which cause the chaos between Solomon & Mboro
    • Nimrod allowing the chaos to continue for as long as it did, for ratings clearly
    • Dr Love’s “testimony”
    • Mboro gloating about performing the best miracles
  • If you follow Bishop Maponga, you didn’t hear anything new here, not to discount what he said about buying a factory, turning it into a church, in which you pray for jobs
  • Phiri said something poignant when he spoke about Jesus feeding multitudes and compared it to today’s preachers who are being fed my multitudes who are poor and suffering but they give nothing back.
  • The editing was not to my liking, I wish they could revisit all the stories that were cut out, so that the audience can connect the dots
  • Maponga looked bored out of his mind
  • Why weren’t the mainline churches represented?

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