Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 2| There’s negativity in the air

Howdy folks! Thank you for lending me your eyes and ears yet again.

Let me tell the truth, I actually didn’t want to review Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 2 because it was too negative.

Also, it was just a continuation of episode 1.

That’s one thing I really don’t like about the editing of this show. For the sake of completeness, here it is.

Complaining done, let me give my two cents worth real quick:

– Whoever did the casting for this show will not see heaven, I see no other reason why you would put Ayanda and Nonku in the same circle, if not to create drama!

– The way Nonku’s family spoke about Ayanda, insinuating that there had been some animosity of some sort was really confusing to me because Ayanda and Nonku had ‘never met’ and Nonku didn’t harass the madam in anyway.

Was it purely based on the stories of gossip columnists? Are we being played?

– Phupho and the fashions! 21 magazine covers styled before age 21. Wow! 👏

– Family support is important. Unfortunately not all families are like Nonku’s and Ayanda’s.

– Training session scenes were a boring waste of time and the ‘wives of successful men’ come to Jesus breakfast afterwards was just fake, let’s be honest.

– Kgomotso’s horns started showing on this episode. She had already decided that Nonku’s wine launch would flop and she was looking forward to participating in the downfall.

The #tearherdownsyndrome has no place in society. Just because you are a party planner and florist, it doesn’t mean everybody must hire you and buy your flowers. KG has a devious soul.

– Annie said she was feeling bad for pushing Nonku to talk about the elephant in the room but didn’t think to apologize to either of the ladies and miraculously both ladies just let it slide. Okay🙄

– What was the purpose of Sorisha’s casino event? Why did both Nonku and Ayanda react strangely to MaZetzet? Kanti what’s the story? Does it have anything to do with Sfiso?

This wasn’t my favorite episode, in fact they could scrap it off this season and I would not complain about it.

My two cents are exhausted now!


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