Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 10 Review: All about Qondanisa

Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 10 Review: All about Qondanisa

It was all about Qondanisa this week. It felt like the other scenes were just filling up the episode. Baphelezela isthembu saQondanisa.

MaMchunu showing off her makoti abilities

My dear Zulu people, we have to do better. Let’s raise our girls better. A girl that was ‘raised and taught well’ is not necessarily one that breaks her back trying to impress her in-laws with strenuous chores.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing easy or fun about fetching firewood and water. This is the type of indoctrination that has imprisoned our mothers, grandmothers and countless generations of women before them. What if it falls upon our generation to break the chains of bondage?

Mamchunu was clearly raised on this doctrine and I felt sad for her. All this kotizaring and your man still feels like you are not enough, you need a ‘helper’ as his mother pointed out!

Samantha reckons her ancestors don’t approve of Qondanisa

Meanwhile Samantha and Diaz are cooking up a plan for her to leave Qondanisa. The same Samantha who told MaMhlongo to get back together with Dulas. I am skipping the Dulas scene on purpose. #notworthit

This girl is young and beautiful, it doesn’t make sense to me why she has chosen such a lifestyle.

What part of Pmb is Ginga’s baby mama from kanti? It looked like kaMpumuza or something like that, ubani owaziyo, achaze?

I noticed that the mother was also wearing a sash accross her chest area, similar to that one of Qondanisa’s mom in Nquthu. Somebody please explain the reason to me. See in the South Coast, the daughters-in-law, regardless of how many years of marriage, have to wear these when there are family functions like funerals, imisebenzi, weddings, etc. I have always understood it to symbolize that you are spoken for, so that men in the family know not to try their luck with you.

Qondanisa visits his in-laws as usual umavakashekhweni🙄.

The elders demand a fine and this time it’s cash.

The seating arrangement at the Mchunu’s confused me. In the South Coast we have izilili, men sit on the right hand side and women on the left hand side. I was thrown when women and men were on the same side of the 6 cornered – rondavel. Was it for TV or is it done like that in Northern KZN vele? Please educate me.

Okay folks, that’s my 2 cents worth for now.


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