The Single Wives SA S1 E2 and 3 Review

I’m basically binge watching Single Wives Episode 2 and 3, thanks to my insomnia! I basically tried to binge watch the single wives. I am only on the 4th episode no, but I still need to complete the exercises.

I am not looking forward to the online dating profile, in fact I have made my decision. I am NOT doing it because #scammers and #catfishing.

I see myself in some of these women. I am such a Nikki, mixed with a bit of Helen. I would love to be a Tori mixed with Angel. I love their energies. Calm and charismatic. Funny thing is, just last month I accused my ex of hiding behind his calmness.😂 How’s that for irony?

As much as I try not to carry my hurts around with me everywhere I go, I must admit that I have probably bled on people who hadn’t hurt me. Dealing with past traumas is important for my own well-being.

I am also aware that people with unhealed stuff will take their hurts out on me and/or anyone else around them for that matter. It is for this reason that my love list includes a healed person who has done some internal work and who is self-aware. As much as we want financially secure partners, we should also priorotize emotionally and mentally sound attributes in potential partners.

Yesterday I was called an overbearing micromanager. It cut me very deeply, but I have to accept that this is somebody’s experience of me. Whether I intended to come off that way or not is immaterial. Thought I’d share this with you before I dozing off again.

Have a lovely day further.


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