Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 7 Review| Mabusi the wig-snatcher

Who died and made Kgomotso head girl of the mean girls?
Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 7: Kgomotso needs to stop antagonizing Mabusi.
Are you acclimated to the Durban accent yet? Please comment below!!!

The episode picks up from the “bash Mabusi” gathering at Annie’s salon/nightclub. Ayanda didn’t attend, no surprises there.
Mabusi came very late, was questioned about the invitation to KG’s launch and basically she was made fun of.
The group laughed at her expense and she got called a wig-snatcher by KG, who no doubt will try to push Mabusi’s buttons until she snatches her ill-fitted wig off.
It doesn’t end there….

LaConco visits Mabusi’s business space (for lack of a better word), she learns about the different Yoni products that Mabusi’s selling (some of which she mixes herself). They also talk about KG’s antics.

We meet Lerato, who is Ayanda’s sister. I love how Ayanda looks out for her family and involves them in her empire! She inspires me. They were at Agape, Ntokozo’s boutique. Now you know where the frilly frocks come from😂😂😂😂

The do over of Nonku’s launch starts off with a golf lesson. Apart from KG’s annoying attention seeking antics, it was great. Mabusi came wearing a jean and KG took that bone and ran with it🙄.
LaConco didn’t attend the golf and lunch because she was meeting with her team to plan her own launch. I like how ordinary her team looks. No pretentious bs, just people with a vision and a mandate to deliver.

The lunch afterwards at Nonku’s house was very nice. Nothile came to greet Ayanda and she was super excited to see her. I feel that Ayanda is being genuine with Nothile and it’s beautiful.
We are missing Annie this week because her child/children are not feeling well. You can’t even tell that there’s a person missing. So, exactly what value does she add to the cast?

LaConco’s launch is a get away trip to the midlands. There are two kombis (mini bus taxis) transporting the ladies. Sorisha and Kgomotso are sharing one and guess who KG is going on and on about: Mabusi of course. Ayanda, Nonku and Mabusi are sharing the second kombi and it’s lit! Each lady is sharing about herself and not gossiping about the others. Nonkanyiso looks her age as she shoots a welcome video for the ladies and her skin was glowing, her whole face was beaming. It was refreshing to see her like this.

These ladies clearly haven’t been on road trips in their lives, judging by the complaints of the journey being long. Really? Ayanda then goes on her bone carrying mission to Sorisha’s house, where Nonkanyiso interrupts as she came in to greet and welcome the ladies. Nonku was busy asking Mabusi to please behave during the trip, further making the audience question Mabusi’s character. All this villification is making me like Mabusi actually!

The dinner, hosted by LaConco turns into an episode of the hot seat. All barrels pointed at Nonkanyiso and moghel can certainly hold her own…

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2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 7 Review| Mabusi the wig-snatcher

  1. Hi Mabusi I love you ..I .love Ayanda.The two of are killing me.I like your product.I need to know where to buy Toni my darling.

    I need it urgently.


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