Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 11 Happily Ever After?| 3 is not a crowd

Mnakwethu Happily Ever After #mnakwethuHEA Episode 11 Review| 3 is not a crowd with this bunch.

Samantha reporting Qondanisa to MaMchunu

Please excuse the photo quality, I actually watched the episode on 1Magic. Samantha was crying to MaMchunu about Qondanisa ignoring her calls and basically deserting her and the fact that she is now staying with Diaz. Mamchunu asked if Qondanisa had looked for alternative accommodation for her, to which the answer was ‘No’. She promised to talk to Nhlanhla aka Qondanisa about the situation.

[mah gah yeah] Magaye took his ‘wives’ out and actually did all the talking on their behalf. He is such a character. The actual wife looked so uncomfortable. Now that the meeting has happened, Magaye is now able to bring the second wife to Mamkhulu’s party.

The second wife didn’t actually apologize, Magaye did all the talking on her behalf. Wow! Talk about bulldozing your way in.

Qondanisa, Dulas and Ngiga are discussing about a song they have collaborated on and the music video thereof. Whatever 🙄.

I am skipping Dulas’ scenes as usual.

MamChunu had to flex for both Samantha and the audience!

Mamchunu visits Qondanisa and confronts him about how he’s been treating Samantha. Qondanisa is not buying the “sudden concern” for Samantha story. Mamchunu wants a sit down where all three of them will try and work this situation out. Okay, Mamkhulu duties I suppose.

The table for three finally happens, but there’s no table because it’s a picnic. Both ladies get flowers. Lerato Radebe apologizes for her harsh words to Siphiwe but is adamant that she’s done with him. Zandi’s still in love with Sphiwe. MaRadebe gives them her blessings to carry on with the relationship without her.

This episode felt so short. I had expected to see Ngiga in Pmb, paying damages at MaKhanyile’s but it wasn’t included in this episode.

It seems polygamy is more taxing on the first wife and the fact that she has to assume the role of advocate for the younger wife baffles me. These women are carrying such heavy loads. I personally would not be so gracious and self-sacrificing.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth folks.


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