Healing of Memories Part 9:

First off, my first real job was in the church. A responsibility I took very seriously. I put in a lot of my personal time into it, especially when donor reports were due.

See, I was a coordinator of one office according to my employment contract but in actuality I was coordinating 2 offices, doing the bookkeeping, Monitoring and Evaluation, fundraising, training, events planning, assisting NPOs to get registered, cleaning, cooking…. Name it, I did it!

I didn’t mind doing all that work because I was committed to the cause. I earned the same salary for 5 consecutive years, so in effect I earned lesser with each passing year because of inflation.

The idea of raising funds that aren’t going to benefit you is noble and all, but dumb as hell. I did it. For 5 years.

One of the things I kick myself for, is sticking it out even when my life was put in danger. How, You ask…

We had to attend 2 Coordinators workshops in Gauteng every year and each took five days. So while I was away, my boss decided to fire my colleague and told him to “be out by Friday, because Nondumiso doesn’t want to find you in the office when she returns on Monday”.Did I not decide to take the night bus on Thursday and rocked up at work Friday morning?!

Things were so awkward! The guy had brought his wife & son to the office. It was sour. Nobody was speaking to me. It took me a few weeks before I was told the story by someone who was very shocked and disappointed that I was capable of such.

That truly broke my heart. I couldn’t listen to my boss’ preaching, nor could I receive communion from him for a long time. I decided to forgive his lies and cowardice.

Perhaps my faith is too shallow, as I have been told but I don’t think that people should go around hurting others, especially when they are in positions of authority.

I am grateful for what became of my life through the opportunities that the church afforded me. I don’t know if it was worth all the damage that I am still sorting through. I used to tell myself that it was a testing of my faith and that it was supposed to yield perseverance… But at what cost?

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