Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 8

#RHODurban S1 E8

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 8: I am calling it “Dinner for schmucks?”

The episode picks up from the dinner LaConco is hosting but they are no longer grilling her. Ayanda with the bone-carrying tendencies though. *smh* She tells the ladies about Nonku’s Atlanta dating life… No sisi, let people tell their own stories!

The conversation shifts to dating blue collar men and NO, Ayanda would not date a construction worker. Don’t know why she’s lying. The conversation swiftly moves to Yoni nton nton and guess who become mean girls now: Ayanda and LaConco. I felt so bad for Mabusi as they had a loooong laughing session at Mabusi’s expense. I wasn’t impressed.

Annie joins the group the next day, thus reactivating the Giselle and Robyn tag team with KG. *yawn*

The launch in the morning was grand! The set up was really nice, no pink feathers in sight.

Nonkanyiso had a pow wow with Sorisha about doing it for themselves as women without the help of their powerful husbands, like girls 🙄

The mere mention of your name will open doors that would otherwise be closed to ordinary people because of who your partner is. As much as you do the hard work, the name helps.

Pampering by the Jacuzzi followed. “Sophisticated ratchet?” was the newest jab to Mabusi by KG and LaConco interfered just as Mabusi was about to gather KG together.

Annie vs LaConco ‘competition’ is laughable. Annie claims that LaConco wants to upstage her pink event😂😂😂. It wouldn’t take much to do that. LaConco and Mabusi are in LaConco’s room and the explanations are not making sense. Hhayi Mnge must just own up.

Sorisha meets with an overdressed Ayanda by the pool just to chat and see how the group dynamic is going. New money vs old money was a term used to discribe Sorisha’s not so glamorous attire🏃🏿. Ayanda is low key shady. Ayanda must give people a heads up about not eating plated food at events, in Sorisha’s wisdom.

And then there’s Dinner, and the girls are dressed to kill. KG cries, because it’s her late grandmother’s birthday and Mabusi, seated next to her can’t console her because they have not yet dealt with the constant jabs.

Annie finds herself volunteering to host a PJ party, where people reveal they’re crushing on crew members!!! Truth or dare is next on the agenda and we find out that Laconco would never date Duduzane, even if she was not with JZ.

Annie chose a dare and ended up stripping and twerking. Mabusi’s dare was s3x demonstration🙈. Personally I would not have agreed.

I really don’t like how Mabusi is treated. I feel like Nonku’s is just glad that it’s not her in Mabusi’s position. She is a weak friend. You gotta stand up to bullies and protect your friends.

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