Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 12: All about Dulas 🤦

Mnakwethu Season 2 Episode 12: All about Dulas 🤦

#MnakwethuHEA is not so fun to watch when the focus is on Dulas. His immaturity is disturbing to say the least.
There was a scene where MaDlamini was begging Dulas to let his family give her access to her children. Knowing that she lost her mother at a young age, I could understand why it is so important to her to have a relationship with her kids. Could this be why she is still involved with Dulas, to gain access to her kids?

Dulas also sympathized with her as he grew up without his mother. History is repeating itself and unfortunately, he isn’t man enough to put a stop to it.

When Magaye’s party scenes came on, the energy of the episode was lifted. Cele is a whole mood! It’s always lit with him.🔥
The decor was nice but damn why were there so many men at “Mamkhulu’s party”? Were any of her friends even invited?

2nd wife was there and sour af🙄
Yena aya kwini? 😂
She killed me when she complained about the decor and whole set up possibly costing a small fortune, yet Magaye isn’t talking about paying lobola for her.
Why did she want to attend the party in the first place? And why hasn’t she told Magaye that she’s been hiding a child from him all these years?

Ngiga, Qondanisa and Dulas were shooting a video for their joint song. Whatever🤷🏾.

When is Ngiga going to Pmb? Can he pay damages for his child already! I want to see how the Khanyile’s will handle this whole thing.

Back to Dulas 🙄
I don’t understand why these women are so attached to him. He doesn’t even have money to lobola them. How will he maintain a household with so man hot-headed wives?
The fact that all 3 are now fighting over him is bizarre to me. The friendship we saw in earlier episodes between MaDlamini and MaMhlongo seems to have evaporated, I wonder why.

What kind of a marriage are they all going to have, with all this fighting? If MaMhlongo is no longer in love with Dulas as she claimed, why is she assaulting MaDlamini?

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