AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 3| Same story different cast

AmaBishop Season 1 Episode 3| Same story different cast.

The alleged perpetrator (I mean prophet) of the week is Paul Heaven.
Mboro was the unfortunate one, who got exposed live but at least he had a chance to redeem himself, which he failed to do 🤷🏾

I am not going to be laughing at all the people who have fallen victim to these prophets because if you belong to a church, any church at all… It could be your pastor next week.

All these “prophetic” churches with their mission houses, full of girls, guns and morning after pills supplied in bulk… At what point do we start to question the whole set up?

I once had a discussion with a Zambian Dr about this. I should tell you about it one day. His take on it was that SAns are lazy, gullable and greedy. Hardest pill to swallow!
Have a good week ahead.

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