Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review: RIP Ayanda’s mom

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 9: RIP Ayanda’s mom.

Nonku represented the curvy Zulus at Sorisha’s Yoga morning, which got interrupted by KG with her sneakers. She has serious attention seeking tendencies that one.

Ayanda killed me when she dissed the sneakers, ‘dollsay’ what now Ayanda?

Real talk though, 3 episodes on this girls trip is a bit much.

{Side note while I wait for the buffering: Nonku and Ayanda have interesting lives, LaConco hasn’t shared much of her personal life on the show and the rest are just dry}.

Mabusi got sneakers also, Alleluia. They came with a half-baked apology of ‘if I said those exact words then I’m sorry’. Listen, they played back the clip when KG said it. Shady editing 😂. KG expects us to believe that she doesn’t recall calling Mabusi a wig-snatcher!

Grown women in go carts😒, really though? Mabusi sat this one out and I don’t blame her.

Candlesgate was the highlight of this episode for me, because of the ‘thula!’. I had hoped for “wenja!” but hey I’m counting the ‘thula’ as a victory for the Zulus. This Annie-KG tag team really irks me. They messed with the wrong one this time.

Lerato (Ayanda’s sister) called about Ayanda’s mom being hospitalized, unfortunately she didn’t make it. May her soul rest in peace. I salute her for how she raised her kids to be one harmonious unit.

Annie’s house hunting was exciting. I love beautiful homes. When I make it big, I am buying myself a nice little mansion by the sea. Mark my words, I am manifesting here.

We finally almost see LaConco’s home. She is working out on the balcony when Annie calls. They meet up, LaConco apologizes for using the word “purposefully” and she throws in “Culture shock”😁. It was a mess. Neither of them meant those apologies in my humble opinion.

Non-Zulus 3 way call, KG’s Saint and summer photo shoot, dance fitness… Blah blah snooze

Who did KG’s make-up for her dinner with Sorisha, she looked witchy😱. She is pleased to be asked to plan Sorisha’s next event. Sorisha’s Dreamcatcher event was beautiful and drama free. Ayanda did not attend because she was bereaved. I missed her energy. What’s with the flower bush hair Annie😃? LaConco looked so pretty and her bunny chow did too. All hail LaConco, the bunny chow queen! 🍽️

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