Mnakwethu Happily Ever After Season 2 Episode 13| Recap and Review

MnakwethuHEA episode 13: “the storm is over!”

Qondanisa’s wives meet with him at the hostel and things get mended between Qondanisa and Samantha. But question remains, is Samantha going to move out of the house she shares with Diaz?

Magaye’s sister (judging from how she speaks) chatted with the second wife (And she wore her favorite denim jacket!) about telling Magaye the truth in anticipation of his visit.

In Pmb, Ngiga finally arrives with the ‘uncles’ to pay damages at the Khanyiles.

The cows were on a war path, and indured people. The Khanyiles accepted the damages and reported to the ancestors, a step which is crucial but often overlooked as we are now too focused on money. The family asked what his intentions are for their daughter. A lot of people have criticized families for asking this question but I think they have a right to know if you have decided to not marry their child.

The SCA (Side Chick Association) has a girls trip, when are the first wives going to get outings? And we find out that Sphiwe ‘s table for three didn’t work in his favoršŸ™. I suspect Zandi’s hiding her true feelings.

Dulas’s baby mama was there and not her usual cocky self. What happened with the makeup team? We are owed an explanation for the sloppy make-up on Dulas’ wives to be.

Makhayile was also there and had to explain who she is, and where she was when Ngiga was shooting a show with another girl.

MaMhlongo proudly tells the group about beating MaDlamini and the show decides not to cut this part out. Kanti why is violence being glorified and celebrated? The SCA laughs about it. Who raised these people? Wolves?

Magaye finally hears the big secret and he is not amuzed. Even when he is devastated, Magaye comes through with some superb soundbites: “Ufihla yonkinto!”, “The storm is over! “. You gotta love his animated character. The snippets from previous episodes was just on another level of being shady.

With all this drama and devastation, I wonder if some of the men regret wanting a second wife. I also wonder about oMamkhulu, do they really want to be in these marriages still and will their relationships with their husbands ever be as happy as they were before the introduction of the second wives.

Polygamy is not looking like an exciting type of relationship to me. I salute those who choose it, and thrive in it. I would be miserable.

Okay folks, that’s my two cents worth. I wish you a spirit-filled tridium and Easter. Enjoy yourselves and please keep safe.


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