Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 10| even more events!

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 10 was full of fashion, drama and events of course.

The episode picks up from Sorisha’s dream catcher event and yes, there’s another challenge, much to Nonku and Laconco’s annoyance.

Nonku is tipsy and I’m loving it! Every episode lately makes reference to her drinking and being drunk, I don’t like it. Why should they come for her like that?

Kgomotso won. Who else was gonna win a crafts challenge? It took me back to primary school. I hated craft work.

Nonku’s announcement about the Capetown trip was overshadowed by her being tipsy. She sang ‘sesikuqedile’, that’s bantu education for you! 😂

We got introduced to Brenda Mbutho, a singer who is friends with the inland crew (Nonku, Thobe, Mabusi…). They spoke about her single launch and their mutual friend, Thobe. Thobe got invited to the launch, without Nonku’s knowledge evidently.

Ayanda Ncwane celebrated her award and 10 years in the music business. I feel like we don’t celebrate ourselves enough as women. I salute her for doing it.

The small talk between Sorisha and LaConco at Ayanda’s party killed me! #umoyawamuyavuma is such a defining moment in Ayanda’s career post-Sfiso. I admire her strength and resilience. Ayanda’s fashion sense is rubbing off on LaConco, she was sweeping the floors with that garb! Beautiful though.

LaConco hosted a lunch with amatshitshi and I love the work she’s doing with them, I wish she could mentor all these aunties responsible for amatshitshi across the Zulu kingdom. The non-Zulus were not invited.

Nonku’s mom and sister joined her for a spa day and they unpacked the girls trip drama. Sorisha took her dogs for their weekly pampering and she was shown dog ice-cream, and I suspect it’s gonna be in upcoming episodes, Lord help us. #RichPeopleThings

The single launch finally comes, ladies in beautiful black dresses. Sorisha brings Thobe, and Nonku was shocked but it seems Brenda knewabout it. Production is really trying Nonku!

Ayanda, being the last one to arrive, rocks up in white with Phupho by her side.

LaConco had to explain why she didn’t invite the non-Zulus to her lunch, because Nonku went blabbering about it to them. She was saved by the rain, literally!

The young poet wowed the ladies, Brenda equally moved them with her vocal abilities and the Zulus were on their feet dancing. The shade from the non-Zulus was funny.

My anxiety levels were through the roof as the fire dancer did his thing in front of the drooling crowd, one mistake and all those wigs would have burnt the place down. This event was jam packed and very extra, for a single launch. The shoe game was on point though at this party and in this episode in general.

Mabusi felt like her invitation was an after thought & confronted Nonku about it, since they’re friends in real life, Mabusi was perplexed by the shadiness. I would be confused also.

The ladies are not feeling the Capetown trip at all. I would jump at a chance to vacation in Kaapstad free of charge. KG wants the itinerary 🙄, wow ladies!

I love it when they show areal shots of Durban. It’s a beautiful, colorful city!

Thank you for allowing me to tell you about this episode, I don’t take your readership, followership, subscriptions, viewership for granted. I truly appreciate it.

Have a blessed Good Friday, restful Holy Saturday and spirit-filled Easter.


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