How Airbnb helped me to make extra money | Influenced by Cece Olisa

Hello Dearest friends,

I feel like, I don’t share this money making tip enough you guys. AIRBNB!

So there’s this New York based influencer Cece Olisa, that I started following around 2014 and I have mentioned her a lot in my blog posts. She really influenced me in more ways than one. I feel validated when I watch her move the way she does, because oftentimes we doubt ourselves and don’t believe in ourselves enough.

So, Cece had written a blog about how she used to rent out her bedroom on airbnb to get extra money for travel and it hit me💡

I was running around, trying to get tenants for my beautiful but humongous 5 bedroom penthouse flat and getting disappointed with the slimy, shady characters I had to sift out.

On a side note: Listen, I salute landlords. I am not very tolerant, nor am I patient with ill-disciplined people. So, I signed up for @Airbnb.

I made posters for those who would have been stranded at Bosman station (I always have a plan B) but luckily airbnb alone was enough to keep the rooms fully booked for months on end.

Ntlantla and Msira were a great help in hosting the visitors, since I was traveling extensively for work. I often left my very many belongings in their room, when even my own bedroom was booked. It’s important to have a co-host or 2.

The income from it was good too! Well worth all the laundry and cleaning I had to do. Three times what tenants would have paid.

Luckily, most of the visitors were white overseas tourists and they left good reviews about my accommodation. I know how this sounds, some truths are hard to swallow.

You need a good rating and positive reviews, so that you can get more bookings. Location alone won’t cut it. Amenities help also. You gotta make visitors feel welcome and at home in the space.

Whenever I told my people about this side hustle of mine, the response was always: “you’re running a brothel?”. It’s sad that black folks associate B&Bs with prostitution. I say this to warn you that if you do decide to go for Airbnb, such comments are bound to be thrown at you. It’s how some people have been socialized.

This is my good deed for the day y’all.

Good Morning. May the risen Lord be resurrected in your hearts. Happy Easter Sunday everyone.

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