Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 11 Recap and Review| Capetown, shades and Earrings

Real Housewives of Durban Season 1 Episode 11: Fresh episode, same old BS.

I was happy that 1: they are in my favorite place on earth, Capetown.

2: the episode started with Capetown, no picking up from the previous episode🙌

Someone should take Nonku under her wing and teach her about hosting. I am serious. But that person can’t be Kgomotso.

Zisuka nje, she decided that she was going to be the one handing out room keys to the ladies. I have watched the episode twice but still don’t get why🤷🏾.

KG tries to create drama with the sun tanning thing but it falls flat.

They sat by the pool and they’re calling it a ‘pool party’, I don’t know why. They wore their swim wear (LaConco covered herself with towels and it looked awkward nje but asikho lapho) but there was no swimming, nor was there a party. Unless poking fun at Mabusi is considered a party.

I was ready to snatch some wigs on Mabusi’s behalf. Why would you fly someone all the way to Kaapstad, only to make them a butt of the joke? And KG might hide behind her ‘poor command of isiZulu’ but saying “into emnandi iyaphindwa” was uncalled for. The fact that they laughed about it made me mad. Mind you, Ayanda and Sorisha have never apologized for laughing at Mabusi in the Midlands. Yes, I am keeping scores. #meangirlsvibes

Mabusi let them know that she doesn’t appreciate the mockery and left, only Ayanda had the presence of mind to go talk to her.

Mabusi gave game night a miss, for obvious reasons. The ladies looked so bored. Sorisha joined the group and the mood lifted instantly. Is she one of the Executive Producers? KG was thrilled to be twinning with her🙄 Nonku called it a ‘Buy 1 get 1 free special’. 😂

The game they played would have worked better if they’d been drinking. Production dropped the ball on this one.

Nonku’s poor communication resulted in some of the ladies going to the farm to pick grapes in dresses and feeling uncomfortable. There’s a nonchalant air about her that I find really annoying.

Ayanda was the first to enthusiastically jump onto the back of the bakkie, whilst others were still contemplating making a run for it. She picked the most grapes too. I love her work ethic and commitment to charity. Yes, I am a fan!

KG saw an opportunity to shine and took it. Annie tagged along to share the spotlight. Ladies, you’re already on the show, we see you!

The whole point of going to the farm was to help the grape pickers. Some people (it seems) just don’t understand that every grape picked means money in the pockets of those ladies. So horsing around defeated the purpose in my view.

Nonku matched the physical work with R3000, which was very generous of her.

Back at the hotel, the L shaped dinner table! A lot of issues came up all at once. The ‘UnAfrican’ comment was finally put to rest and some group members felt that LaConco was supposed to take responsibility for what Nonku said. On which planet kodwa? I still don’t know why they feel they should be included on issues of amatshitshi 🤷🏾The same Kgomotso who claimed her isiZulu was not good, suddenly felt that had she been invited, she would have been able to converse with amatshitshi in isiZulu… 🤦

The subject quickly turned to Ayanda, not attending Sorisha’s silly event (knowing full well that she’d just lost her mom). Then they turned it into “you never replied when we texted our condolences”, Annie was smirking, clearly amuzed. I got so mad at the callousness of the whole thing. This mean girl behavior really irked me.I know they want ratings, but this was unnecessary and visibly painful for Ayanda.
When she left the table, they didn’t even bother to follow her, just to see if she’s okay. Not Mnge, not the hostess, not even Saint Sorisha 😒

Nonku in her usual blasé manner, offered Mabusi the cheapest looking bouquet of flowers and chocolates for an apology about jokingly saying she couldn’t find Mabusi’s room key card at the ‘pool party’. Mabusi accepted the apology and gave us the most satisfying BUT in television history.

Nonku was read for filth, top to bottom. If you watch #RHOA you will remember Kandi and Nene’s “I. See. You.” There was a split screen and all!

The show producers had better give Mabusi ischolo newisa lakhe come Season 2. She has been put through the fire and emerged stronger and purer! I stan, a queen. And her confessional make-up on this episode was 👌🔥
Ayanda, Nonku and Mabusi are carrying this show in my humble opinion.

Did you see the aerial shots?!!! Capetown is beautiful. Oh I just love Capetown. #RealHousewivesOfDurban #RHODurban #capetown #capetownmag

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