Our Beloved Mntanenkosi| Purposeful and brave

The late Queen regent Mantfombi LaDlamini Zulu

Hamba kahle Ndlovukazi yesizwe. Imagine having to leave your own country and marry into a different culture, and lead people who speak a different language to you and possibly view life differently to you.

She was a brave girl!

She sacrificed her own life for the sake of our kingdoms. I know I wouldn’t have agreed to do it, had it been me. 250+ cows were paid in lobola. These came from the people she had to lead in her last days.Her marriage was necessary, not just to bear children of royal blood but to hold our hands as we go back to the roots we’d had to abandon due to colonization, Christianity and modernization.

Omama be Sphithiphithi are here to continue her legacy, hopefully whoever will ascend the throne, will continue with her women empowerment agenda and give these women the support they need.

Hamba kahle LaDlamini uyophumula, owakho umsebenzi uwufezile Hlubi.

Iba iso emantombazaneni nakomama ukwelamathongo. Uyalwazi usizi esibhekene nalo Make wetfu.

Wena wendlovu. Bayede!

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