When a leader dies

The Late King and Queen of the Zulu Nation as a young couple

 The other day my brother Mdu and I were talking about the chaos that follows the death of a leader.
Our father was a leader in his own right and didn’t require a title to do it. Even then, the people he worked closely with and trusted were the first to start with the chaos of scheming and greed.

Even beyond our nuclear family, when the leader of our clan Mr Mhlohleli Jwara (our great grandfather) passed on, the quiet succession battle claimed a few lives. Iscience yesiZulu (as our grade 10 isiZulu teacher would say) is real and very effective.

Not to bring up old wounds, but what is happening in the Zulu royal family is not new, not unique to the Zulus nor is it uncommon. The late King had to be moved to St Helena for his own safety and protection because of such.

I hope the memorial service will be televised. I am keen to read the faces of the alleged ‘killers’.
What is certain is that in the end the rightful person will end up being crowned.

Sengisika elijikayo nje, land thieves seem to have a lot of interest in the current state of Zulu royal affairs (based on the tweets I have come across). The idea that a monarchy, which existed before 6 April 1652 is somehow supposed to do things the European way because… (God knows what gives them the right to dictate 🤷🏾)

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