Body Politics| Apple shaped and plus size

Loving my body should not be an act of protest.

It triggered me deeply and got me thinking….🤔

Are we really a body positivity community or a ‘we only love fat bodies’ movement? Why should people have to explain and justify their journey to being healthier to us?

We have been saying that it is possible to love your body as it is, whilst you are in the process of making it healthier and encouraging each other to love our bodies regardless of how other people view it. We are worthy of love and care, fat or thin, yet our favorite plus size influecers are shedding pounds in secret for fear of being ostracized and excommunicated from our plus size, body positivity community.

Nobody should have to starve themselves to be stick thin and on the flip side, nobody should be forced into maintaining an unhealthy body, just so they could be accepted in the plus size community. I am in no way advocating for the diet culture and just so we are clear, eating disorders are real illnesses.

Fat politics, shapism, body positivity and weight loss…
Yesterday’s YouTube binge watching led me to a very distressing video by Stella Williams. She was sharing her struggles with the many disorders associated with being fat and she broke down when she was informing our community about having to lose weight for health reasons.

That said, the apple shaped section of the plus size community is still seen as less than, as not worthy. There’s countless memes to support this. I am heartbroken that women now feel like they have to take hormones and herbal remedies to help them attain the ‘desirable shape’.

‘Success’ is a certain body shape that has been deemed ideal by human beings.


#effyourbodystandards, if God wanted us to look the same He would have made us identical!

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