What happened to you | My take on chapter 8 and 9 of Dr Perry and Oprah’s book.

A screenshot of the book ‘What happened to you’

I am continuing with the book ‘What happened to you’.
I am now halfway through chapter 9.

I had decided to pause when George Floyd and BLM were mentioned. For some reason, probably because I watched the video of George Floyd dying and it was my first time seeing a person die, I lose it when I think about that incident.

The Zuma arrest, accompanied by all the fan fair that followed took over my mental space, and the #PhoenixMassacre broke me down all over again. The anger and frustration forced me to get over my writer’s block.

Dr Perry is talking about racism, implicit bias, which impacted our traditional healing, connectedness and rhythm negatively. Shout if you would like me to elaborate on this point.

One could argue that 27 years into democracy these things should not be factors in our daily lives, but unfortunately they are. When the colonization project replaced uQamatha/ uMvelinqangi with a white, blonde Jesus and associated all things good with him, they tricked our brains into treating and percieving white people a certain way and in turn treat each other horribly, because even though we’re black, blackness is associated with bad, evil, barbaric and savagery acts.

I am convinced that we can clear the path for the next generation. We need to stop looking at our cultures, customs and traditions as outdated, ungodly, idolatry and seek a deeper understanding.

Let’s seek knowledge, understand and demystify our cultural practices, principles and rituals, so that we regain what we lost and reverse the colonization of our minds.

Ciao friends! ✌️

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I'm a dark-skinned black woman who loves life, fashion, food and books. I am a writer at heart. I am fat and fabulous. I enjoy traveling and exploring. I am creative and smart. Welcome to my world!

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