The Human Side of Minister Lindiwe Sisulu| #PhoenixMassacre

This is by no means a blue ticking of the wonderful work and powerful voice of EFF’s Mam’Khawula. I praised her on Twitter, in case you wish to call me out. The purpose of this post is to reflect on this article:

If Lindiwe Sisulu doesn’t survive the looming cabinet reshuffle, I won’t be surprised. 👆this will be the reason.

Whether this is politicking or her showing up for the people in need, I really don’t care. Reading the article introduced me to a human being, who is able to put herself in somebody else’s shoes and be brave about it. I salute her.

If the ANCWL were a credible, living, thinking body, they should have pushed for a female deputy president, since former AU head NDZ’s proximity to JZ disqualified her as a presidential candidate despite her education, proven track record as a leader and struggle credentials but asikho lapho.

“Barbie doll” as she’s famously known has set herself apart by doing this, regardless of the intentions behind her actions. If she has presidential aspirations, I would actually back her based on this gesture alone.

This is what the government (or at least the ANC) ought to have done have done from the beginning.

CR should learn from this beautiful woman how to interact with people and how to make people feel comforted, seen and heard in their time of grief.

May we all grow the bravery of Mama Madikizela-Mandela and emulate her in supporting the persecuted and downtrodden as Sisulu is doing. May we also have the fierceness to embrace our delicate femininity and get dolled up if we want, just like our “Barbie doll”. Happy women’s month!

#PhoenixMassacre was a crime and #RaceWar. It should not be blue ticked. #ethnicmobilization happened when SAPS-guarded ammunition grew legs and found its way to Phoenix without a trace to be used to massacre black people.

Vuka darkie!!!! Racists don’t care if yoi are Venda, Shona or Xhosa, it matters not. Your blackness is what they despise.

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