“Ilwa ntombo”

“Fight girlie!” is the literal translation of this wildly used term. The priest at my mom’s funeral centred his homily around this term and gained fans among even the most stubborn non-believers in my family. When you say things that make sense in a creative way that only Fr S’milo Mngadi can master with ease, you gain a following.

Angikho ke lapho today.

Inspiration for my outdoor bathroom!

I discovered a snake not too far from the house, as I was trying to DIY an outdoor bathroom for when I am filthy from doing garden work or for when there’s a lot of visitors in need of the facility. Needless to say, I abandoned the project. See, I am scared of snakes, petrified in fact.

Both types of snakes actually, the types that slither on their bellies and those that walk on two legs. But none of them are higher or more powerful than God. They will try and hold you back with 1 little piece of paper because your stagnation is what makes their progress and successes even sweeter. I don’t know who needs to hear this today, no matter what has been planned and plotted, GOD IS IN CHARGE!

God makes a way, always! I went through a period of depression and loud cries just a few days after my mom’s funeral because I felt like the mountain I was climbing was insurmountable and some people were hellbent on making it even harder than necessary. God came through for me in unexpected ways. It’s as if He’s saying “My way is better, trust me”. Lord you are wonderful!

I pray healing upon those whose hearts have hardened, for the selfish and for those who cannot stomach another person’s ambitious and bold steps. May you never see another person’s successful life as a reflection of your own failures.
May we never grow weary and tired of extending our hands where and when we can.

God bless you and may your blessings flow straight to you, no matter how much they try to block them. Always remember that some people operate from a place of hurt and fear. Some people are competitive by nature and will do all they can to block your attempts at bettering your life. Hold no grudges against such people, just pray for their healing.

P.S. Keep that piece of paper sis and watch God’s hand at play in my life! None is greater than God.

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I'm a dark-skinned black woman who loves life, fashion, food and books. I am a writer at heart. I am fat and fabulous. I enjoy traveling and exploring. I am creative and smart. Welcome to my world!

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