The post I forgot to share| Provincial Baby Shower for MaShelembe

This is long overdue. I am sorry. Better late than never right!

The only thing that can fight evil is goodness.
I couldn’t sleep because there’s a lot going on. I almost found myself crying in front of phambi kwabantu izolo. My recently discovered cousin uThulani simply asked “what’s wrong Meu?”. Maybe the care and concern in his voice is what got me.

A few weeks ago my friend’s mom cried at church and it was the talk of the village. Only a few days ago did I get an explanation from someone who is concerned that she’s going through a lot. I wanna go visit her but I’m scared that I will be adding to her sorrows.
Sometimes, inspite of our parents examplary lives and prayers for us, we go astray. Sometimes we are convinced that we are not lost, and that perhaps it’s our parents who were misled.

Don’t know why I’m crying right now.

Anyway, I used my insomnia to watch Makhosi’s Baby Shower. Ncumisa’s MC’ing was on another level. Macele’s speech was comforting and the fact that Musa was also there was cool.

Makhosi looked stunning, the hair and makeup was on fleek👌. One speaker spoke about being raised with love and I felt it.

There’s nothing more beautiful than women coming together to support another woman. Hearing Makhosi’s story and why she had to quit school was heartbreaking. The assumptions people made without knowing what happened to her is what we need to stop doing to people. So this has me all up in my feelings and it’s time to get up.

We live in an era of cruelty, where people are being forced to apologize for having darker inner thighs, because they’re being publicly shamed. We are not built like frogs, our thighs rub against each other. Leave us alone, let us be, please!

thickthighssavelives #lovethyself #womandla #mnakwethu #MakhosisProvincialBabyShower

womensupportingwomen #Polygamy #whathappenedtoyou

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