Way Back When Wednesday #WBWW| Lessons from past mistakes

Sne and Meu at UNP, decades ago.

Oh this photo though! It brings back so many memories.

Malherbe Res Room 122. Sne @prisca.shezi10 stayed in Room 120 and Mathi (from Bhamshela) in room 124, which later became Slie Mbutho’s (yes from Mgai) room.

Circled in green is a pair of shoes, which weren’t allowed in the lab. I wonder why we were so drawn to them. In hindsight, they were hideous.

In blue is my pride and joy! Unfortunately my brother left it in his unlocked room at res over the holidays. I was gutted. My heart is sore just thinking about it.

I should have learned my lesson there, but nope I didn’t. Sadly, he didn’t either. When you let people disrespect your possessions, without as much as a yell or full-on tantrum, it teaches them to keep doing it, again and again. They get so used to it infact, that they feel like you owe them. Too preachy?

I remember when my brothers had broken the CD changer and I chose to have it fixed instead of a new cell phone. My then boyfriend was shocked that I was choosing a radio over a brand new Nokia 3310. (He gave me the phone anyway the following year on valentine’s day. 3 months before our break-up)

Too many details on this post!

My take home message is:

1) if your contributions are not valued, stop contributing.

2) I might not talk to my friends a whole lot but I love them and cherish the memories we’ve made together.

3) don’t let your brothers anywhere near the things that are dearest to you, don’t say I never warned you.

4) my dad handled my broken-heartedness like a champ, I was a weepy mess. I miss him & all his prayers.

5) if they can’t handle you when you’re unemployed and broke, don’t give them another chance when you’ve gotten a job.

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