How do you tell real people from fake ones? | A minion meme so accurate

The poignancy of this meme

I too wish I could hold people up to the light to tell if they are real or fake, because a fake person can:

1) pursue a relationship with you and keep it going for months or even years.

2) profess their undying love for you.

3) write poems and dedicate songs to you.

4) spend every weekend visiting you and getting to know your friends, family and even members of your church.

5) also flirt with your sisters and female friends and downplay it or dismiss your discomfort about it.

6) say mean things to you and take jabs in order to leave you with no self-esteem when they’re done with you.

7) be really sweet and giving at first, only to turn around and be an arrogant prick.

8) show up for you when you need them the most and then without any notice, vanish like they never existed.

9) give mixed messages and confuse you about their intentions.

10) tick all the boxes and stay in character until their true colors start showing.

Yeah, in the next life we gonna need those security features on people because clearly human beings can’t be trusted with free will.

Goodnight chomies!đź’‹

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