The Wife| Perpetuating Zulu Taxi Driver Stereotypes and Romanticizing toxic masculinity or just an entertaining local drama?

The Wife on @showmaxonline

The Wife on @showmaxonline is quite entertaining. Sloppy with the details as we have come to expect from Gugu Zuma-Ncube’s productions, e.g. ZULU TAXI ASSOCIATION sticker is just wrong. I had a “who moved my cheese” moment the first time I watched episode 1 of the 3 that were made available so far. I wasn’t the only one by the looks of these social media comments:

I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s “Inspired by and not based on” the Hlomu book series. That is how I am conditioning my mind moving forward. Yes, I am going to be watching the whole thing.

I have been contending with this in my head since Thursday night because I read the books and know the stories but the telenovela is showing something different. Like, what happened with the Cressida, black tracksuits, etc.

We’re supposed to believe that Hlomu is a virgin, engaged and cohabitating with her fiancé and that she is capable of kissing a smoker, whilst the fiancé is in the bathroom and the fiancé doesn’t smell the cigarette in her mouth… Okay. It seems that the writers are confused about who and what type of a person Hlomu is.

I was imagining being followed around by a taxi-driver, cash in transit robber of a stalker to work and place of residence… It’s super scary and should never be romanticized.

To those who haven’t read the books, watch the series first and enjoy it before reading the books. If you have read the books but haven’t seen the telenovela yet, please forget about the books and consider it a different story altogether, that way you won’t be frustrated.

I mean no disrespect by this but I wish that writers, directors and producers could respect the talent of the actors and the people who casted them. This story could have been better than this. The casting was perfect, the acting is on point, the story is not thought through and cohesive enough in my opinion. My advice to the team: Learn about how things work, don’t just make things up that don’t make sense or better yet hire people to help elevate the work from a skit to a believable telenovela.

We need Shonda Rhymes kind of writers in this country. We also need for people to research things properly. Hhayi kabi.

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