The Wife Episodes 4,5 and 6 Review | The violence

My ddearest friends and followers, here is my two cents worth about the latest #TheWifeShowmax chart topping telenovela.

It is nice to see the Zuma sisters working together and supporting each other, I am talking about Gugu, Thuli and Thuthu.

3 more episodes (Episodes 4-6) were made available on @showmaxonline from 5am on the 18th November 2021. Made the mistake of assuming that I would watch #thewifeshowmax at midnight, kept on restarting my phone because I didn’t know about the 5am thing. Imagine wasting your night time data on some other stuff because at 5am, it expires🙄🙆🏿Anyway, the violence on this batch of episodes is on another level. On par with the reality of the taxi-owners’ world.

Nkosana kills Majola, and Mqhele kills the body guards… Sambulo does a solo job, killing a few more guards/hitmen in the Majola camp. Great acting and directing!

Hlomu gets attacked covering a protest, and the Zulu brothers cause chaos at the hospital. In Hlomu’s shoes, I would have felt trapped. Imagine what could have happened if she wasn’t attracted to Mqhele 🤔. I am so worried that this series is normalizing toxic male behavior. I feel like a conversation needs to be had after each airing. We’re missing out on teachable moments.

The first visit to the Zulu house is not even a discussion, it just happened and Hlomu is acting like it’s normal behavior for someone to take you to their gun-crazed, testosterone-filled home without your permission. I can’t help but think about what would have happened if Hlomu didn’t want to be there.

The violent bullying of Dr Sandile into leaving his home left a bitter taste in my mouth. Fine, take his fiance but don’t throw him out and beat him up. The man did absolutely nothing wrong. This hooligan behavior should not be glorified and this stereotype about black men need not be reinforced. It makes for great television but beyond that, it is damaging.

Hlomu losing her virginity was too much for me to watch, the dialogue made me cringe and the scene was too explicit for my liking. We didn’t need to see her boobs. @stainedglasstv1 don’t mind me, I am a prude.

There was plenty of entertainment value in these 3 episodes, I am just worried about the possible unintended and undesirable after effects. It would do everyone a boatload of good to be proactive in mitigating the negative impact of this storyline.

We still need to #StopGBV and to educate society about consent and accepting a NO.


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