The Wife Episodes 7-9 | The red flags you ignore ðŸš©

Just finished watching The Wife episodes 7-9 on @showmaxonline. Listen, the red flags you ignore will surely catch up with you.

All the signs were there. From the time Mqhele disrespected passengers just to have an ice cream date with Hlomu, to the stalking, beating up Sandile, everything has been pointing to Mqhele’s character being flawed. That’s the thing about whirlwind romances.

These episodes were about Nqoba and Mandisa’s dysfunctional relationship. It fascinates me that people who seemingly uphold and value culture are the very same people who desecrate it.

Perhaps I am biased as a woman, but when a man has to be forced to pay damages for a child they claim to love, it just confuses me. Much like someone who spends all their money on booze when they know full well that they have kids with an unemployed woman.

Had Mandisa not changed Ndumiso’s surname on the birth certificate, things wouldn’t have been rectified culturally. This whole thing of being in a long term relationship with someone and even having kids together with No intention of ever marrying that person is pure evil. It’s not a woman’s duty or her family’s for that matter to ensure that you do right by her and the child.

Things have gotten so messed up and somehow the mess has become the norm. Manipulation and love potions have become common practice in relationships because men are allowed and even celeebrate for using and abusing women.

The Zulu brothers could be forgiven because they grew up without parents and had only Nkosana (with his own traumas) to guide & protect them. For those who grew up with both parents in a loving marriage, what’s your excuse for the messed up things you put women through?

Women abuse in all forms must be condemned with the contempt it deserves. Let’s have a conversation about this. It’s the only way to #StopGBV.

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