The Wife Episodes 10- 12 Review| The Majola Brothers are back with a plan

 The Wife episode 9 left us reeling and triggered, rightfully so. Hlomu got beaten to a pulp by her taxi driving, cash-in-transit robber and stalker of a boyfriend. Episodes 10-12 dropped this morning and the Majola Brothers are back with a bang! Qhabanga no Sbu did the things. The action scenes are always very well executed!

The stalker vibes of Mqhele really got me triggered. If you have never had a stalker, you won’t understand how scary it is.

True story:
One time, as I opened my door to throw away trash after peeling and chopping veges for supper at Lisa’s Place (a supposedly secure apartment building), the person (stalker) pounced on me. He must have been standing there for hours, just waiting for me to unlock my door.

He used to show up everywhere I went, shops, work, church, the movies… I had to ask Dave to come walk me from the office to my place at one point, which was a distance of about 300 meters in total.

One time the dude followed me into Khanya House, Aus Evelyn (the receptionist) was so terrified and so was I. He ran out as soon as he saw her. He found me on LinkedIn recently, Lord when will it end?

Anyway, back to Mqhele, camping outside the Dladla home in KwaMashu of all places. I would have called the community policing forum and my whole clan to come and deal with him.

Imagine even after that beating by Hlomu’s dad, he persisted. Hayi ngeke. Dude has no home training. The book talks about Hlomu’s dad being abusive to her mother. You see that the things we tolerate become the norm in the kids’ eyes and it hurts when they repeat those destructive cycles.

When the Majola brothers revealed all their receipts (a whole TRC folder) to Mbodla/Vilakazi (Doja Cat’s dad), I felt like they were not being strategic, but the way they orchestrated that robbery was epic!

I think Mqoqi’s a goner. I don’t like the guy they had casted, so I am not shaken up about it. Dude’s annoying af.

Makoti Hlomu, because of leftover take aways, has forsaken her own home with all the comfort, support and love. She is returning to a ‘home’ with so much turmoil, violence and restlessness. This is not a decision I would make, personally. Knowing your worth is not for everyone. It gets lonely at “I know my worth” station.

As a parent, how would you feel if your daughter chose a man who beats her over your love and protection? If you have stayed with an abuser and set that example for her, would you feel guilty? If you’re an abusive husband, how would you feel about your daughter choosing to be with an abusive man?

So my last question is, if we attract men who are like our fathers, why have I been so unlucky in love? 🤷🏾

#StopGBV #stopkillingwomen #LeaveAbusiveRelationships #YouAreNotAPunchingBag #TheOnlyTrueApologyIsChangedBehaviour

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