Making a mockery of black people | My gripe with Moja Love TV

The arrogance and disrespect towards ‘non-believers’ by bazalwane (the so-called born again Christians) displayed by people like Hloni Dlamini needs to be addressed. What in the colonized mind is this?

I found myself watching a repeat episode Giants of the City where cameras are brought to the graveyard where a sangoma is meeting with Hloni Dlamini’s family and she (sangoma) gets ridiculed, even when she requests for filming to stop, the cameras continue rolling.

Moja Love has got to stop making a mockery of black people and black culture. We can’t have a channel dedicated to turning black pain into entertainment and there’s a lot to be said about those who gladly run to the media with their baskets full of dirty laundry too. Whether you watch Mamazala, Rea tsotela, Lekunutu… the theme is the same.

When other channels run shows that poke fun at black people, we’re very quick to point out that it’s “moja love” content. It’s their brand.

Back to Hloni, the only reason for the cameras being there is because of her. Being the most boring of all the cast members, she had to ‘bring something to the table’ I suppose and she chose to disrespect the blood that runs through her veins.

Matthew chapter 1 gives us the genealogy of Jesus, mind you He is the son of God but His human side is still acknowledged. In Luke 24, when they discovered that Jesus had risen, they were visiting His grave. They weren’t just passing by.

When Hloni says she’s washed in the blood of the lamb and doesn’t need any further cleansing, that sounded all too familiar. You’d swear all 10 commandments of the Bible are about practicing our culture being wrong. Hloni (born again mzalwane) is trying to have a child with that shady boyfriend of hers (not husband) and has the audacity to turn her nose up on her own mother’s ‘bones’ as she calls it & at being cleansed. What does the Bible say about scoffers? 🤔

We saw a similar thing in the Real Housewives of Durban when Ayanda wasn’t going to cleanse after her mom’s passing. She is married anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

Not knowing and not caring where your mother is buried is bad, really bad. I don’t care if you think it makes you an archangel or saint or what🤷🏾

This nice nasty, chip on the shoulder attitude that bazalwane have is really unfortunate and very unchristian in my opinion. You can practice your beliefs without trashing or bashing other people’s beliefs and cultures.

We need to decolonize God. It’s time.

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