Normal People Seasons 1 & 2| A Review

Normal People: This brilliant Irish series made me realize among other things that I have nothing against Irish people in general. Nothing against their accent even.

Set in Sligo and Dublin, the unfinished story of Marianne and Connell had me crying, smiling, psycho-analyzing myself and this 1 particular friend and then crying some more and asking myself “what if?” and all kinds of other questions. For most of the story these two are like two ships passing each other in the darkness of night. The assumptions and unsaid words are what complicates things. Sounds like real life huh!

Life can throw curveballs at us in unexpected ways and we’re not always prepared or even clear about the next move. There’s this friend of mine who is a great communicator and prayer warrior. We had great conversations last week and I even got the courage to admit that Mommy is gone and to let myself cry and feel everything that I have suppressed since 21 August 2021 at 15h13. Turns out the 5 stages can be paused, who knew🤷🏾

Cognizant of my tendency to lean too heavily on people, I have sort of been playing the ‘hey/hi’ game, but at the back of my head I know that I have a safety net in this friend. I have given myself permission to fall apart, knowing that if it ever gets too much…

But what has kept me up tonight/this morning is the fact that our friend (inherited her from our cousin Peni) is burying her 2nd child in the same year, both killed so brutally. {She got married when I was 13 years old. Royal blue was her wedding theme color. My brain retains information for the heck of it.} She loved my mom and thought very highly of her. I can’t imagine how much pain she is in right now. I don’t even know what to say to her and how I’m ever going to look at her without tears welling up in my eyes.

Being there for people doesn’t come natural to me, I am awkward like that. When I eventually reach out to people, it’s usually after a good number of drafts and some time after hearing the bad news. I think I might be on the spectrum, highly functional but still Atypical sort of. “I think”!

I should have started this caption with ‘dear diary’.

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